CybelAngel Uncovers Risks from Invisible Devices and Hidden Data Exposures with New Asset Discovery and Monitoring Service

CybelAngel becomes the most comprehensive Digital Risk Protection Platform for revealing true digital footprints, data leak detection, preventing account takeovers, brand protection and anti-fraud.

January 26, 2020

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PARIS & NEW YORK—January 26, 2021 (BUSINESS WIRE)--CybelAngel, a global leader in digital risk protection, today announces the addition of Asset Discovery and Monitoring capabilities to the company’s unmatched AI-powered, Digital Risk Protection Platform. CybelAngel’s platform and analyst team can now conclusively discover previously hidden, rogue or obscure devices and services existing outside of the security team’s awareness and control. These shadow assets include file servers, cloud databases, connected industrial systems and IoT devices - from consumer gear to medical equipment. CybelAngel visualizes and prioritizes risks from these previously unmanaged systems right from its platform’s SaaS interface, on-demand with zero new hardware or staffing required - giving customers an ever more actionable view of risks to business, brands and compliance postures.

“Every organization believes they know their true digital footprint, but in reality rogue devices, partners’ infrastructures, connected facilities and more hardware-as-a-service IoT devices push businesses’ sensitive data far beyond their reach,” said CybelAngel CEO Erwan Keraudy. “CybelAngel’s Digital Risk Protection Platform already leads in data breach prevention, preventing account takeovers, protecting brands and finding data leaks. Today’s announcement expands our portfolio and enables us to verifiably show customers their true online presence, saving precious time and money in otherwise manual analysis and costly incident response.”

Available immediately, CybelAngel Asset Discovery and Monitoring is a shadow IT discovery solution coupled with port and vulnerability scanners. It operates with zero false-positives, returning results only verified to uncover previously unknown accounts and devices threatening to compromise volatile data and credentials. The service covers the widest set of misconfigured, unauthorized, decommissioned or otherwise hidden assets multiplying unmanaged risk, including:

File Servers: IPv4+ connected storage, NAS drives, FTP servers and RSync backups

Databases: Popular cloud formats like ElasticSearch, Cassandra, Redis, CouchDB, RethinkDB,

Industrial Systems: Modernized telemetry systems, hardware machines and HVAC systems

DevOps Tools: Infrastructure control servers, container management software

Remote Desktop Services: Apps and protocols supporting wider remote workforces, including RDP, vnc, TeamViewer

IoT: Commingled corporate and personal devices on ad-hoc networks, medical equipment, video conferencing systems, cameras and other IoT-enabled devices

“You cannot patch or police what you cannot see, and the proliferation of vulnerabilities affecting hidden and non-traditional connected devices, coupled with their typically sensitive contents, makes shadow IT an even bigger problem than executives realize,” explained Todd Carroll, CISO at CybelAngel. “Beyond their contents being a data breach time-bomb, hidden systems outside the perimeter are top infiltration routes for ransomware and other malicious attacks. CybelAngel’s Asset Discovery and Monitoring capability delivers much more than risk management - we are helping security teams and senior leaders frame more strategic decisions about partner relationships, risk tolerance and minimizing danger in technology shifts.”

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