Provides the ability to classify and report on sensitive content already stored within a SharePoint environment

May 8, 2013

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Gothenburg, May 8 2013

Cryptzone, the IT security and threat mitigation specialist has heralded its latest software release of Secured eCollaboration for SharePoint as the winning way to safeguard the security and privacy of sensitive and confidential data stored in SharePoint.

Built on Cryptzone's five star rated Simple Encryption Platform, Secured eCollaboration provides enhanced document security, access control and compliance auditing capabilities missing in the native Microsoft SharePoint platform.

Microsoft SharePoint provides limited security capabilities straight out-of-the-box, so many SharePoint sites only have immature security measures in place, which result in significant risk to valuable data assets, such as intellectual property, M&A plans, as well as financial and personal data. In fact two-thirds of SharePoint-using companies admitted to having 'no active security policy' in place for the application in a recent InfoSecurity survey undertaken by Emedia.

Mandate for Encryption

Regulations are mandating or strongly recommending the use of encryption to protect sensitive information. The implementation of encryption software can be technically challenging, so Cryptzone has invested in making its software straight-forward to implement, use and maintain.

The latest version of Secured eCollaboration provides the ability to classify and report on sensitive content already stored within a SharePoint environment or systematically encrypt content based on pre-defined business-driven information-management policies. New content is also checked as it is uploaded and content matching the security policy criteria can either be completely blocked or encrypted as appropriate. The security lifecycle of the document is recorded and accessible in real-time, saving time and money when an audit is required.

Regulatory pressure to prove compliance

Secured eCollaboration generates an audit trail of security related events and provides the capabilities to display all events that have occurred as a result of a user or system interaction within SharePoint. This makes it easy for administrators and auditors to track how secured content has been accessed, used and managed. The Audit Center can also connect to external SIEM systems for additional analysis and monitoring and Windows event log forwarding enables the generation of risk alerts: for example, following suspicious or unapproved access attempts. Additionally Secured eCollaboration audits all actions related to security controls and configurations to prevent abuse of privilege. This includes key management activities, policy delegation, system configuration changes, as well as the audit activities themselves.

Real-world collaboration capabilities beyond SharePoint

The new Secured eMail for SharePoint module enables clientless secure email based file-transfer of files residing on SharePoint to both internal and external collaborators, who do not have access to SharePoint. By clicking on a document and expanding the context menu in SharePoint, a user has the unique ability to send an encrypted email to their chosen recipients. No mail client is required and all key management is handled automatically, so that the communication is fully protected with point to point encryption. Cryptzone provides a secure mobile viewer for secure reading.

Adherence to industry security principles

Secured eCollaboration sits on top of Microsoft infrastructure and synchronizes directly with Active Directory to leverage the enterprise infrastructure roles, permissions and user identity to automate the complex process of encryption key management. In addition it integrates well with most identification and authentication systems, such as NTLM, Kerberos, claims-based and federation concepts. It also allows for pure Single Sign On and use of external directory sources to adapt automatically and accommodate organizational changes. Custom user creation and external users can be configured to authenticate with credentials, which they are able to register for themselves keeping the support overhead extremely low.

"Secured eCollaboration is Cryptzone's response to massive industry demand for better information security and governance capabilities within SharePoint." says Anders Hansson, Product Portfolio Manager at Cryptzone. "We have listened to our customers and developed the solution to address their most pressing security challenges."

Cryptzone will be exhibiting the new version of Secured eCollaboration at a number of upcoming SharePoint conferences, including SPTechCon Boston, SharePoint Fest DC and the SharePoint Conference in Vienna. The next webinar entitled: Encryption to protect sensitive content in SharePoint is on 15th May at 11:00am PDT/2:00pm EDT.

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