CPU Technology Rolls Out Acalis Sentry Security Server

Solution is a combination of hardware and software used to encrypt embedded applications and configure security features for Acalis CPU872 secure processors

September 24, 2009

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PLEASANTON, Calif. " September 17, 2009 " CPU Technology, Inc. (CPU Tech), a leader in trusted and secure processing solutions, announced today the availability of the Acalis Sentry security server. Acalis Sentry is a combination of hardware and software used to encrypt embedded applications and configure security features for Acalis CPU872 secure processors. The Acalis CPU872 secure processor is the first commercially available, trusted embedded processor to address the urgent need to protect critical program information ("CPI") as required by DoD Instruction 5200.39.

Acalis Sentry is an essential component of the Acalis development environment, enabling several critical capabilities. The primary function of Acalis Sentry is to encrypt software images for use with Acalis CPU872 secure processors.

Leveraging a combination of industry standard and proprietary encryption algorithms, Acalis Sentry is used by software developers to protect software binaries and associated data such that only customer-specific CPU872 devices can be used to decrypt and boot those images. The second critical function of Acalis Sentry is to configure CPU872 security features. Security configurations include on-chip firewall settings, tamper detection responses, tamper detection forensic settings, and various seeds and keys used by the target CPU872.

Acalis Sentry gives the development team the ability to compartmentalize the security configuration of a target CPU872. Only the "Security Engineer" associated with a particular project is privy to the sensitive information, including key management. The Acalis Sentry management console, served up by the Acalis Sentry, is the main interface used by the Security Engineer to configure and store the desired security configuration prior to enabling the software development team to use an Acalis Sentry for encryption of software images. Once configured and locked, the server can be located on isolated networks, internal company intranets or even the internet because all sensitive communications with an Acalis Sentry are secured using SSL.

"CPU Tech has extensive experience evaluating system vulnerabilities and recognizes that security is a challenging architectural requirement for software and systems developers," says Clay Johnson, CEO of CPU Tech. "The Acalis Sentry separates the role of the Security Engineer from that of the software developer. Designing secure systems requires tools and technology that not only protect the end application, but the development flow as well. Acalis Sentry elevates the protection of the software aspects of the solution to the level of the hardware."

Availability The Acalis Sentry secure server is available under a time-based license through CPU Tech. Purchase options for the host hardware are available for permanent installation in secure development environments. Please contact [email protected] or look at www.cputech.com/acalis for additional information.

About CPU Technology, Inc. CPU Tech produces the Acalis' Family of Secure Processors. Designed with a secure methodology and fabricated at the IBM Trusted Foundry, the Acalis CPU872 offers the strongest protection available for software and systems. Threats to software and systems begin with reverse engineering, which enables cloning, malicious insertion and development of countermeasures. Acalis protects not only on-chip software but entire systems against tampering or reverse engineering. This advanced system-on-chip technology enables the development of secure and 100% software compatible electronics modernization technology solving obsolescence problems while reducing size, weight and power (SWAP) for commercial and defense systems. CPU Tech is a privately held company founded in 1989 with headquarters in Pleasanton, CA.

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