CoSoSys Joins Educational Efforts On Data Protection Day

Acknowledging the threats of portable storage devices can prevent vicious outbreaks such as Downadup, affecting 10 million computers worldwide

January 28, 2009

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Bucharest, January 28, 2009. CoSoSys, vendor of the most innovative and effective applications for portable storage devices and endpoint security solutions, announces today the celebration of the European Data Protection Day by joining and supporting the educational efforts organized on this day throughout Europe. The Data Protection Day has been established to inform individuals about their rights when it comes to data protection, as well as the risks they are exposed to when entrusting private details to companies.

According to an Identity Theft Resources Center study, in the USA alone, the number of reported data breaches grew by 50% in 2008, resulting in over 35 million personal records being exposed. At the same time, malware leading to overwhelming outbreaks as the much debated and researched Downadup worm are designed to make use of unprotected USB devices such as flash drives. Downadup, also called "Conficker", has managed to single-handedly infect an estimated 6% of PCs worldwide, according to Computerworld.

"As individuals entrust a growing number of personal details to companies handling them inappropriately and discover new lifestyle devices for both personal and business use every day, they need to learn more about how their records need to be protected against intended and accidental breaches and about how they can themselves contribute to keeping their data safe and clear from wrongdoers' reach", explained Roman Foeckl, CoSoSys CEO.

CoSoSys is dedicated to raising awareness regarding data security issues that companies and individuals are facing everyday, such as accidental malware infections, the risk of having private data stolen by insiders, the accidental exposure of confidential records or the very common loss of data when unprotected and unencrypted portable devices are misplaced. All these security threats can all be easily prevented when the right endpoint security policy is enforced.

The company's Endpoint Protector 2008 is a best-of-breed DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution designed to minimize the internal threats, reduce the data leakage risks and control devices connected at endpoints. It allows IT departments to proactively take control of the device internal use, while tracking all data transferred in or out of the protected network and enforcing encryption of the data in transit on portable devices. Endpoint Protector is available as a free 30 day trial or online demo at About the Data Protection Day The aim of the Data Protection Day is to give European citizens the chance to understand why and what personal data is collected and processed about them and what their rights are with respect to this processing. The objective of the Data Protection Day is therefore to inform and educate the public at large as to their day-to-day rights, but it also provides data protection professionals with the opportunity to address data security related topics. First celebrated on January 28th, 2007, the Data Protection Day is a special occasion, a time set aside by each and every individual to familiarise themselves with a largely unknown, yet major, facet of our everyday lives. For more details please visit: About CoSoSys CoSoSys SRL is specialized in network endpoint security and the development of software for portable storage device enhancement. The application portfolio includes functions from password security, data synchronization and network security. CoSoSys distributes its products globally through world's leading hardware manufacturers, software Distributors, Resellers and directly to users at and CoSoSys enjoys a continuously growing installation base of users worldwide. The company is headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and has sales representatives in the United States and Germany.

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