CoreTrace Introduces 'BOUNCER Beatdown' Security Challenge

Challenge invites IT and security pros to challenge CoreTrace's application whitelisting product, BOUNCER, to publicly stop their recommended malware attack

October 22, 2010

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Austin, Texas - October 21, 2010 - CoreTrace', the leading provider of application whitelisting solutions, today announced the "BOUNCER Beatdown" Challenge. The Challenge invites IT and security professionals to challenge CoreTrace's award-winning application whitelisting product, BOUNCER, to publicly stop their recommended malware attack.

On October 13, 2010, CoreTrace announced the general availability of BOUNCERT 6.0. In addition to simplified management, a highly scalable virtualized architecture, and valuable application intelligence information, BOUNCER 6.0 offers sophisticated malware protection beyond simply stopping payloads that are not on the whitelist. BOUNCER 6.0 includes a hardened, self-defending endpoint agent, and advanced security capabilities such as memory protection.

"Every day, CoreTrace is asked if BOUNCER can stop the latest threat du jour, such as Stuxnet, that is bypassing traditional blacklisting-based antivirus," said Toney Jennings, president and CEO of CoreTrace. "Rather than simply answering the question, we wanted to publicly show that BOUNCER effectively stops today's most sophisticated malware attacks. We are so confident in the BOUNCER technology, that we are asking security professionals to recommend the attacks that they would like to see BOUNCER beat down and then we will offer proof of how BOUNCER combated it."

With the "BOUNCER Beatdown" Challenge, security professionals can easily ask CoreTrace to publicly prove BOUNCER's effectiveness by easily recommending a threat via a simple form found at For the most requested, popular or nefarious threats, CoreTrace will record the live attack and then show how BOUNCER provides protection. The results will be shown in CoreTrace's blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, LinkedIn groups and highlighted quarterly in a CoreTrace-issued press release.

Based on earlier requests, CoreTrace already has two video examples of BOUNCER stopping well-publicized attacks:

  • On June 26th, 2010, BOUNCER beat down the now-infamous Stuxnet. This video has over 5,000 views.

    • On August 26th, 2010, BOUNCER beat down DLL Hijacking attempts. This video has over 700 views.

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      About CoreTrace CoreTrace' is the leading provider of application whitelisting-based solutions. The company's award-winning and patented BOUNCER solution is at the forefront of the movement to improve security and endpoint performance by combining application whitelisting for real-time malware prevention and cloud-based blacklists for detection and reporting. Unlike other application whitelisting solutions that are simply lockdown technologies, BOUNCER's "Trusted Change" capability enables IT professionals to predefine multiple sources from which users can safely install applications and have them automatically added to the whitelist-all with minimal IT involvement. The result: full prevention of unauthorized applications, improved overall security, and lower total cost of ownership. CoreTrace's customers include organizations in a wide variety of industries, such as energy, oil and gas, retail, financial services, telecommunications, as well as government agencies.

      For more information, visit the CoreTrace website or follow the conversation at WhiteSpace, the application whitelisting and security weblog.

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