Content Raven Launches Freemium Content Security Solution

Content Raven's cloud-based technology protects rich media, video, audio files

November 13, 2013

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Marlborough, MA -- November 12, 2013 -- Content Raven, a content security company that helps enterprises achieve greater control over their intellectual property as it is being shared externally, today announced the availability of a new freemium product designed to make safe sending of content easy and accessible for all types of users. The release of the freemium application follows on several market successes the company has achieved since it pioneered its award-winning approach to content security solution in 2012.

With the availability of the free application, anyone, from enterprises to individuals, can quickly and effortlessly integrate a powerful "trusted viewing" solution into their daily workflows. Content Raven's product requires no download and enables users to immediately begin to securely share and track critical files across any device, including mobile, without risk of loss or abuse. To date, investment firms, government agencies, manufacturers, athletic teams, and healthcare companies have adopted Content Raven's solution to secure their valuable intellectual assets.

Content Raven's cloud-based technology protects any type of file, including rich media, video, audio, and others, and gives senders complete control over how and where those files are accessed by the recipient. The solution does not require users to store files on a Content Raven server, but rather uses the cloud to stream content from wherever it resides. Additionally, the Content Raven application provides detailed analytics that show senders who is viewing their content and how it is being used. They can also track the geographic location of viewers, the frequency of views, duration of each view, and even the type of device it is viewed on.

Content Raven's freemium application, which allows users to securely share Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoint slides, Excel files and images, is available for download here. Users seeking additional functionality, including the ability to secure video, HTML, and other multimedia content, can upgrade to one of several subscription options available on the Content Raven website. For enterprise customers who seek to leverage all of the powerful features of Content Raven in their existing enterprise applications, premium versions of the product offer a proven set of APIs for integration into a wide range of applications such as Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, PowerPoint, Dropbox, and more.

"At Content Raven, we have long believed in the concept of providing a robust content security solution that is simple to use, easy to integrate, and operates seamlessly in the background," said Ron Matros, CEO of Content Raven. "This new application represents the realization of that concept. We hope that users of all kinds will use Content Raven and see how easy and effective secure sharing can be."

About Content Raven

Content Raven empowers enterprises of all sizes to control intellectual property and other valuable content as it is shared externally. The company provides content distribution and control through the cloud, with usage analytics, to mobile and other devices focused on rich media. Content Raven's end-to-end content control and analytics solution enables users to securely and easily share and track rich media, video, and other critical documents without risk of loss or abuse. Easy to use, with no software installation required, Content Raven is the first and only cloud-based content control solution that supports multiple devices, including mobile, and any type of content format. Companies around the world use Content Raven to control how their outbound content is consumed and managed. Content Raven is headquartered in Marlborough, MA.

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