Check-Mates Online Service Lets Users Validate IDs

Antifraud technology tailored for Internet consumers who use Websites such as eBay and Craigslist to buy and sell goods from strangers

April 29, 2009

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SAN JOSE, Calif., April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- GenMobi Technologies unveils Check-Mates(TM), an anti-fraud technology tailored for Internet consumers who use websites such as eBay and Craigslist to buy and sell goods from strangers. Check-Mates verifies the real identity of both users while allowing them to remain anonymous. Should any fraud occur, Check-Mates logs can be released to law enforcement authorities.

The system's simplicity is what makes it so strong. While fraudsters prefer predictable linear processes, they cannot replicate someone's personal knowledge. Instead of relying on passwords, pins, codes, or other invasive data such as social security numbers and mothers' maiden names, Check-Mates taps the consumers' memory for the information that only they know.

Check-Mates validation process starts by users typing in their real names, addresses and phone numbers. From this information, a set of non-invasive life experience questions called 'out of wallet questions' are randomly generated. If both users answer all of them correctly, they receive an e-mail stating that both identities were confirmed and logs will be kept for future reference.

"Users want to protect their privacy while remaining anonymous but still be able to prevent their money or goods from being stolen.

Especially now during a recession the number of online fraud attempts increases exponentially making Check-Mates needed more than ever. For a small fee, users will have the peace of mind while shopping or selling online," explains Michael J. Schultz, CEO of GenMobi Technologies.

"While fraudsters can steal your credit card and social security numbers, they are hard pressed to know about your personal life details," adds Schultz.

The $2.95 fee is paid by the initiator of the verification. Check-Mates is completed in a few minutes, does not require any software download and is available at

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About GenMobi Technologies

Founded in 2006, GenMobi Technologies developed the patent pending CQR-ID (pronounced Secure ID) suite of anti-fraud solutions to protect digital identities. CQR-ID applications include B2B and white label solutions for the financial, medical and social networking segments and Check-Mates, a C2C dual ID validation process. For more information please visit and

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