charismathics Announces iEnigma Two-Factor Authentication For iPhone

iEnigma turns the iPhone into a storage device for users' digital identities

February 28, 2009

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(BUSINESS WIRE Feb. 24, 2009)--charismathics today announced the launch of the iEnigma' identity protection application for Apples iPhone and iPod Touch. This gives tens of millions of mobile device users a way to protect their data from security breaches, making it easier for enterprises to enact a "two-factor authentication" security approach.

iEnigma' turns the iPhone into a storage device for users' digital identities. When users need authenticated access, a digital signature or email or data encryption, they can enter a password and iEnigma' handles the rest, turning the iPhone itself into the second "factor" required for access. iEnigma' secures mobile devices and lets enterprises enact inexpensive two-factor authentication using mobile devices that employees already own. charismathics will also make the software available for other major smart phone platforms this year, including the support of discrete hardware and supporting major government applications.

"iEnigma' turns anyone's iPhone into a security key," said charismathics CEO Sven Gossel. "It protects email and other data on people's iPhones and saves companies money by allowing them to deploy two-factor authentication without the large cost of buying smart card readers and smart cards for every employee."

Two-factor authentication is a security system in which two factors " for example, a memorized password and a card or key " are necessary for access. This protects data far more securely than the use of a single password, which can be stolen or guessed.

iEnigma' allows companies using USB tokens or smart cards to centralize security access and encryption within mobile devices their employees already own and the network infrastructures already in place. iEnigma' will be available for download from Apple's Apps Store in April. Once downloaded, users connect via WiFi with charismathics' software, automatically installed on their computer and then they can shake their iPhone to generate a digital key. iEnigma' integrates with all common mail clients and browsers and plugs into all other charismathics software solutions, so can easily be made part of existing infrastructures.

The iPhone and iPod Touch are among several devices supported by charismathics' software, including smart cards, USB tokens and biometric devices.

About charismathics charismathics is a global leader in IT security components and identity management software for integrators, software and hardware vendors, and service providers. Its premier product, the charismathics Smart Security Interface, offers flexibility and versatility to lower overall costs in identity management. Since 2003, charismathics has delivered industry-leading security solutions that provide security, convenience and competitive total cost of ownership for the enterprise. The charismathics Smart Security Interface provides a fully integrated and transparent interface between tokens of all major hardware vendors and current IT networking environments installed worldwide. charismathics serves clients in a variety of industries including banking and finance, mobile and telecommunications, security, government and PC manufacturing. For more information, visit

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