CDYNE Corp. Introduces Social Security Number Verification Web Service

Death Index 3.0 verifies identity and prevents identity fraud in real time

December 17, 2010

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CHESAPEAKE, Va., Dec. 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- CDYNE Corporation, a leading provider of Data Quality and Communication Web Services announced today the release of Death Index 3.0 to verify identity and prevent identity fraud in real time. Death Index 3.0 is available at as part of its suite of Data Quality Web Services. Death Index 3.0 was also introduced as one of the first 35 partnership offerings to distribute data sets on the Windows Azure Marketplace.

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CDYNE Death Index 3.0 is a hosted, programmable Web Service that validates Social Security Numbers against the Social Security Administration's Death Master File. With access to over 86 million records of deaths that have been reported to the Social Security Administration, Death Index 3.0 will return the Social Security Number, name, date of birth, date of death, state or country of residence, zip code of last residence, and zip code of lump sum payment.

The Death Index 3.0 Web Service provides key business benefits of integrating Social Security Number verification with existing business applications, without the need to maintain and update a large database. Monthly updates are provided automatically and come directly from the United States Social Security Administration.

Web Services are a key point of integration for business applications that exist on different platforms, languages, and systems. IT departments can interface with Death Index 3.0 Web Service using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or RESTful (Representational State Transfer) endpoints, using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) or XML formats to build Social Security Number validation features into existing business applications.

"This new release meets the latest standards and requirements in the industry," said Valentin Ivanov, Chief Software Architect of CDYNE Corporation. "We are very excited to be a partner with Microsoft and offer Death Index 3.0 on Windows Azure Marketplace."

CDYNE's partnership with the Windows Azure Marketplace makes it easy for developers to consume CDYNE Death Index 3.0. Windows Azure Marketplace is a data marketplace that matches information providers with end users and developers, and it is a feature of the Windows Azure cloud platform where data sets can be listed, searched for, and consumed.

The Death Index Web Service is backed up with a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA), protecting clients from unscheduled outages. CDYNE's data centers are strategically located in different areas across the United States, providing redundancy and location fail-over enabling.

About CDYNE Corporation

Since 1999, CDYNE has provided enterprise Data Quality and Communications Web Services to solve the business need for real-time communication and data quality verification. Web Services include Phone Notify!, SMS Notify!, Postal Address Verification, Phone Verification, Demographics, Death Index, and IP2Geo. CDYNE billing is transaction-based and post-pay. Clients pay for only what is consumed, eliminating overage charges and unused credits. There are no contracts, startup fees, or cancellation charges. For more information, visit or call 1-800-984-3710.

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