BreakingPoint Unveils FireStorm Cyber Tomography Machine

Network processor powers three-slot chassis that simulates application traffic at 120 Gbps

February 10, 2011

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AUSTIN, Texas – Feb. 8, 2011 – BreakingPoint today unveiled the BreakingPoint FireStorm Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM)™, tripling the company’s industry-leading performance to simulate the world’s most exact Internet-scale network conditions. The compact three-slot chassis simulates blended application traffic at 120 gigabits per second (Gbps) and the load from 90 million concurrent users making online purchases, placing phone calls, streaming movies, playing games, sending spam, spreading malware, and engaging in thousands of other scenarios. By producing the same high stress conditions and user behavior that equipment must support in the real world, the BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM enables manufacturers and their customers to validate the resiliency—performance, security, and stability—of next-generation 100 Gbps and faster devices. Industry Commentary: BreakingPoint CTO and Co-founder Dennis Cox

“The BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM represents a quantum leap forward in realizing our vision of simulating the world,” said BreakingPoint CTO Dennis Cox. “This three-slot chassis demonstrates immense power with the ability to simulate twice the throughput of the global IP network between the United States and Europe.1 If that isn’t enough, multiple systems can be linked together to simulate the behavior of the half-billion users of Facebook. With the BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM, manufacturers have a true weapon in the battle to accelerate delivery of the innovative and resilient products customers are demanding.” Building and deploying next-generation network and data center equipment

In response to escalating security threats and pressure from an increasingly networked population, equipment manufacturers are under pressure to deliver greater performance and more sophisticated functionality. Whether it is a 120 Gbps content-aware firewall or a multimillion-dollar unified computing system, these devices must perform according to manufacturers specifications even under enormous load and attack. The BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM gives manufacturers a competitive advantage with the ability to push the envelope on performance and functionality as well as to validate that products meet published performance and functionality claims. This is becoming increasingly critical as new legislation requires certification of device resiliency.

Powered by BreakingPoint’s patented network processor technology, the BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM not only delivers substantial new application and attack traffic performance gains, but it also features a 17-fold increase in SSL bulk encryption to 38 Gbps with any cipher, an increase in universal 10 GigE/1GigE ports, and dozens of new features. The BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM is also supported by the BreakingPoint Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) program, which distributes weekly updates of applications and attacks to maintain resiliency in the face of changing conditions. The exclusive capabilities and simple user interface of the BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM gives vendors a comprehensive easy-to-use product to validate the resiliency of their products before they are put to the test in enterprise, carrier, cable operator and government IT infrastructures. Additional use cases: create advanced cyber ranges, realize cloud infrastructure investment, simulate LTE/4G mobile networks

* Creating the world’s most advanced and cost efficient cyber ranges, delivering realistic cyber war simulations, including Advanced Persistent Threat simulation, to train cyber defenders. * Emulating the behavior of 90 million smart phone users, enabling service providers to optimize current 3G and future LTE/4G mobile networks using a blend of voice, video, application, and attack traffic at line-rate speeds. * Validating that cloud and virtualized infrastructures operate at the highest performance levels, lowest cost-structure, and with optimal security. * Automated simulation of the conditions required to analyze the resiliency of devices, networks and data centers, and produce the definitive BreakingPoint Resiliency Score.

BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM: By the numbers

Leveraging all the power and flexibility of the award-winning BreakingPoint Storm CTM, the BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM takes performance to a new level with:

* 300 percent increase in performance, including: o 120 Gbps of real-world application traffic simulation o 3 million TCP sessions per second * Ability to simulate 90 million simultaneous users * 17-fold increase in SSL Bulk Encryption at 38 Gbps with any cipher * A 100 percent increase in dedicated capture buffer per port, to 4 GB * 12-fold improvement in the ability to measure latency, now at 10-nanosecond resolution * 50 percent increase in 10 GigE port density * 12 universal 10 GigE/1 GigE ports * Ability to generate complex higher performance Layer 2 and 3 streams * Easily swappable solid-state 160 GB hard drive

Both the BreakingPoint FireStorm and Storm CTMs continue to provide the industry’s most comprehensive library of application and attack simulation:

* More than 150 application protocols, including AOL' IM, Google' Gmail, FIX/FIXT, IBM' DB2', VMware' VMotion™, RADIUS, SIP, RTSP, RTP, Netflix', SSL, Facebook', Skype™, TR-069, and many others. These protocols—plus thorough protocol fuzzing and fault injection—allow users to produce a custom mix of traffic and measure its impacts. * 4,500-plus current, comprehensive, and global security attacks to validate that networks are secure

How to purchase the BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM

The BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM can be purchased directly from BreakingPoint or the company’s global network of resellers. Current BreakingPoint Storm CTM users can purchase individual BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM blades that can be used in their existing chassis in parallel with BreakingPoint Storm CTM 10 GigE or 1 GigE blades. Contact your BreakingPoint representative or visit to get started. You can find also find BreakingPoint products and services listed on TestMart (GSA contract number GS-24F-0066M) and on GSA Advantage. About BreakingPoint

BreakingPoint is the standard by which the world’s governments, enterprises and service providers measure and harden the resiliency of their network and data center infrastructures. BreakingPoint’s patented network processor architecture powers the world’s first and only Cyber Tomography Machines (CTMs) to expose previously impossible-to-detect stress fractures within network and data center infrastructures before they are exploited to compromise customer data, corporate assets, brand reputation and even national security. For more information, visit

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