BHWM Creates New Financial Advisory Security Portal; McAfee Collaborates

Maestro is built in a custom private cloud for consumption of the public cloud of advisory tools and services

May 15, 2013

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Los Angeles, CA – May 15th, 2013 – Beverly Hills Wealth Management (BHWM) announced the launch of a separate enterprise level technology offering for independent financial advisers, called Maestro Advisory Services (, to be managed independently by BHWM Chief Information Officer John Stuart. The flagship application portal of the entity, called Maestro, provides heretofore unprecedented levels of user security and protection for independent advisers who are concerned about their clients and their own exposure to the growing sophistication of online threats. Maestro empowers independent financial professionals to orchestrate cloud managed SaaS applications with an enterprise injection of security, access and Single Sign-On tools.

With McAfee as a partner, BHWM has delivered a Single Sign-On solution to advisers, which allows their employees to access the full spectrum of financial software they use every day from behind a secure, firm branded shield. The security integrity of the portal is akin to that offered at the largest international wirehouses.

In addition, Maestro allows Advisors a turn-key "Business Portal in a Box" to connect their existing applications, online tools, and software partners to a wirehouse-strength employee portal for easy, Single Sign-On access and team collaboration, all in a secure private cloud environment, independent of any custodian or bank solution limited by product and vendor exclusivity. Advisors can also shop the Maestro Marketplace for new services and tools when they are looking to enhance their client offering.

The offering is built in a custom private cloud for consumption of the public cloud of advisory tools and services. Competing solutions typically re-sell a citrix or virtualization environment for basic delivery of productivity applications. Maestro offers a solution for firms that want to move to the cloud and leverage SaaS tools, leaving a virtual application environment behind.

Firm principals no longer need worry about unauthorized access to financial applications, by consolidating access points and de-commissioning users with one simple effort.

Maestro offers advisers and their clients:

• Peace of mind knowing that the independent firm is equally as secure as major institutions (if not more so, as they are not as globally exposed)

• Ease of use with single sign-on access to the ecosystem of tools and applications they use most

• No slow down as a result of the portal implementation

• Yet another playing field leveler, the ability to compete from an IT perspective with international behemoths

• Greater rate of acceptability for Cyber Risk Insurance approval.

• Custom branding and an open canvas to inject additional tools and applications such as Business Intelligence and dash boarding visuals.

"Cerulli estimates RIA and Dually Registered RIA Advisor headcount will increase by almost 10,000 advisors by 2016*" says Stuart. "And as it sits, the second that happens, all of them will be incredibly exposed to the technology dangers that come with independent financial technology services – Maestro helps to eliminate that threat, offering RIAs enhanced peace of mind, and offers their clients the same luxury."

"The enterprise technology comforts of major wirehouses have been one of the final barriers to independence." says Mag Black-Scott, CEO of BHWM. "Institutional research, corporate services, operational support, and Wall Street connectivity is what Beverly Hills Wealth Management was built on. Maestro now secures and orchestrates these tools in a simple portal tool that is familiar to the wirehouse and independent of the custodian and TAMP relationships."

Maestro Advisory Services is available for use by BHWM advisors as well as independents at other firms who seek convenience, control and confidence with regard to their IT infrastructure.

"There is a real danger in the market as businesses embrace additional web-based applications. The threat of weak passwords are reduced with the Maestro Portal and Maestro Federated Advisor designation," said Pat Calhoun, senior vice president and general manager of network security at McAfee. "Maestro Advisory Services is delivering an enterprise class technology to Registered Investment Advisors, providing them with a secure single sign-on portal and trusted security tools.

"Last year, everyone was talking about succession planning as the Achilles Heel of the independent advisor," says Black-Scott "Well advisors get it, they need a succession plan – but what they are now also coming to realize, is that they are shockingly exposed to retail level technology as they build their businesses– and a succession plan isn't worth much if you have no business left to transfer, because your technology solution consists of 10-20 sites with 10-20 passwords and no audit or governance around security."

The Maestro universe will also have 2 new features available in the coming months. First, the extension of Maestro to end-clients for a similar collaboration experience for sharing documents with their advisors and Single Sign-On to their commonly used tools like accessing the custodian, portfolio accounting client portals, and content management. The 2nd feature will be a turn-key Practice Management dashboard similar to the wirehouse look and feel for managing revenue, expenses, Key Performance Indicators, and forecasting.

Says IDC representative Michael Versace, "For smaller firms looking to incorporate multiple "big company" applications, Maestro's ease of integration and high level of security could well be the deciding factors on whether or not a large firm agrees to partner with a small advisory firm."

IDC's Maestro Customer Spotlight;

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About BHWM

Beverly Hills Wealth Management (BHWM) is a full-service hybrid Registered Investment Advisor tailored for the High Net worth and Ultra High Net worth investor. BHWM Private Trust and BHWM Insurance Services offer supplemental support to the core wealth management, and financial planning experience. BHWM delivers institutional type services, products, and strategies sourced globally and delivered locally from 5 office locations and growing.

About Maestro Advisor Services

Maestro Advisor Services fills the Chief Information Officer gap for Small and Medium sized Investment Advisory firms. Maestro Advisory Services defines and supports the Technology, Operations, and Systems strategy for both Advisor and Client facing goals.

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