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Barracuda Web Filter Firmware 6.0 helps organizations assess and enforce social media policy in the workplace

August 3, 2012

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Campbell, Calif., August 2, 2012 - Barracuda Networks Inc., a leading provider of security, networking and data protection solutions, today announced the release of Barracuda Web Filter Firmware 6.0, featuring new application control capabilities to help organizations assess and enforce social media policy in the workplace.

"Organizations are realizing that employee behavior on social networks can impact productivity, network performance and even company security," said Stephen Pao, vice president of product management for Barracuda Networks. "However, prior security initiatives to simply block inappropriate content and malware are no longer sufficient. As social media becomes more ingrained in the workplace, organizations must focus on how to 'allow' social media while keeping the workplace safe."

According to the 2011 Barracuda Labs report Social Networking Security & Privacy, 86 percent of respondents felt that employee behavior on social networks can endanger company security. Despite those concerns, social media is still widely used - 75 percent of respondents' workplaces allow the use of Twitter and 69 percent of respondents' workplaces allow the use of Facebook. The Barracuda Web Filter 6.0 allows administrators to safely allow social media use by regulating it through several new capabilities, including an upgraded application control engine with support for granular policies, Web application monitoring and archiving, and enhanced SSL inspection.

Social Media Regulation with Granular Policies Barracuda Web Filter 6.0 adds support for more than 400 profiled applications beyond the scope of traditional URL or domain filtering. For example, with Barracuda Web Filter 6.0, administrators can allow users in the organization to login to Facebook to view and post status updates while blocking games, shares and other Facebook applications to protect their networks from viruses and malware.

This upgraded application engine builds on the existing capabilities of the Barracuda Web Filter designed to block applications at a broader level,including Skype, BitTorrent and YouTube for regulating bandwidth usage on workplace networks.

Social Media Monitoring and Archiving The Barracuda Web Filter's Web Application Monitoring capabilities integrate with the Barracuda Message Archiver and enable the capture and retention of chat, Web-based email and social media interactions for the purpose of archiving, searching and fulfillment of e-Discovery requests. Supported interactions on Facebook include wall posts, comments, messages and chat messages. Supported interactions on Twitter include tweets and direct messages. Other platforms supported by Web Application Monitoring include Yahoo! and Google.

Communication between the Barracuda Web Filter and the Barracuda Message Archiver uses standard SMTP protocols so information can flow easily even when the Barracuda Web Filter and the Barracuda Message Archiver are deployed indifferent locations on an organization's network. Metadata about the social media interaction, including source IP, social media handle, and detected network user ID are also stored in the message for use in litigation.

"As the use of social media as evidence in forensic inquiries increases, organizations must ensure that they properly capture, preserve, search and produce the data in a manner consistent with best practices," added Pao. "As one of the few vendors that offers both Web security and message archiving solutions, we are well positioned to deliver unprecedented ease-of-use and economics to meet this need."

Enhanced SSL Inspection
As social media networks have embraced encryption of user sessions, the Barracuda Web Filter 6.0 can decrypt HTTPS traffic that is SSL encrypted when deployed in forward proxy mode. Transparent deployment of this enhanced SSLInspection feature requires deployment of a trusted root certificate on client Web browsers. This capability builds on the existing HTTPS filtering capabilities of the Barracuda Web Filter for inline deployments.

Pricing and Availability
Upgrades to firmware release 6.0 are available immediately at no additional charge to Barracuda Web Filter customers on the current hardware platform with an active Energize Update subscription. Web Application Monitoring and Enhanced SSL Inspection are available for Barracuda Web Filter models 610 and higher. Barracuda Web Filter pricing in North America ranges from US$1,499 to US$89,999 depending on model, with no per user fees. International pricing and availability varies based on region. For more information, please visit:

Watch the Barracuda Web Filter 6.0 YouTube video:

Read the Barracuda Web Filter 6.0 Blog Post:

About the Barracuda Web Filter
The Barracuda Web Filter is an integrated content filtering, application blocking and malware protection solution that is powerful, easy to use and affordable for businesses of all sizes. It enforces Internet usage policies by blocking access to websites and Internet applications that are not related to business, and it easily and completely eliminates spyware and other forms of malware. There's more information available about the Barracuda Web Filter firmware 6.0 on the Web Filter product blog:

About Barracuda Networks Inc.
Barracuda Networks combines premises-based gateways and software, virtual appliances, cloud services, and sophisticated remote support to deliver comprehensive content and network security, data protection and application delivery solutions. The company's expansive product portfolio includes offerings for protection against email and Web threats as well as products that improve application delivery and network access, message archiving, backup and data protection. Coca-Cola, FedEx, Harvard University, IBM, L'Oreal, and Europcar are among the more than 150,000 organizations protecting their IT infrastructures with Barracuda Networks' range of affordable, easy-to-deploy and manage solutions. Barracuda Networks is privately held with its International Headquarters in Campbell,Calif. For more information, please visit

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