Arxan Announces GuardIT 6.0

GuardIT provides a robust layer of code protection measures to secure applications

October 6, 2010

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Bethesda, MD — Oct. 5, 2010 — Arxan Technologies', a leading provider of software security solutions that protect applications from attack in distributed or un-trusted environments, today announced GuardIT' 6.0, the company’s sixth generation of its award-winning GuardIT software protection platform.

Launched in 2007, GuardIT provides a robust layer of code protection measures to secure applications accessed by millions of business users and consumers from the threat of hackers.

Today, developers must meet the requirements for access to business and consumer applications across multiple platforms, such as mobile, desktop and server environments. This has created an “app-expansion-and-attack” dynamic that escalates the risk of attacks due to widespread application deployments; hackers now have more opportunity to compromise the integrity of code and business models. This continues to spur customer requirements for scalable Arxan security products, including the company’s latest GuardIT 6.0 release.

“Desktop applications continue to proliferate in today’s highly global marketplace, but increasingly many of these are being distributed and accessed in un-trusted environments, creating a security risk for both businesses and consumers,” said Mike Dager, chief executive officer of Arxan. “Arxan mitigates the risk with its proven software security technology. GuardIT 6.0 builds upon our unique GuardIT security solution, by delivering advanced defensibility at the application layer to protect and harden software assets against tampering, malware insertion, reverse-engineering and other unauthorized use.”

Today’s release further enhances Arxan’s strength of security for software applications through the introduction of a new Guard type, the Value Verfication Guard (VVG).

Specifically, the VVG compares an expected value to a runtime value and allows for a variety of customizable reactions to be executed if the comparison fails. IT can be introduced at critical points of the application, at a granular level. This flexibility provides tailored security to protect against tampering and code modification for apps running on Windows, Linux, and MAC OS X.

Additionally, with this new release, customers can now leverage GuardIT as a native 64-bit Windows-based product for today's sophisticated attacks that use extensive computing power. GuardIT 6.0 also supports additional MAC OS X compilers and Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and CentOS for both host and target environments.

Arxan’s GuardIT 6.0 software protection platform secures applications by deploying various binary-based security techniques (called Guards) such as obfuscation, checksum, repair and anti-debug, directly into the software code to ensure no single point of failure. This layered protection of diverse Guard types provides control, trust and tamper-resistance for the application, without changing the source code or the how the application works.

Supporting multiple operating systems, platforms and languages, Arxan’s GuardIT family includes GuardIT for Windows, GuardIT for Microsoft .Net Framework, GuardIT for MAC OS X, GuardIT for Java and GuardIT for FlexNet Publisher. The Arxan GuardIT platform is the only binary-based application hardening solution that spans the breadth of these platforms for desktop and server applications.

For more information regarding Arxan GuardIT 6.0, the company’s recently announced EnsureIT™ for Android security platform, or any of Arxan’s application hardening products, please call 301-968-4290 or email [email protected].

About Arxan Technologies Arxan Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of software security solutions that protect applications from attack in distributed or un-trusted environments. We harden applications against tampering and reverse engineering for unauthorized use, piracy, and theft of intellectual property. Our advanced software protection solutions secure ISV, digital media providers’ and enterprise applications to proactively defend the integrity of code and business models. We defend, detect, alert and react to attacks through a threat-based, customizable approach that works without changing source code. Proven, durable and resilient, Arxan’s offerings support a full range of application protection needs, from commercial software to military grade assurance. Founded in 2001, Arxan Technologies has offices in Bethesda, MD, San Francisco, CA and West Lafayette, IN. For more information, please visit

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