Art of Defence Integrates WAF With WhiteHat Services

Companies combine art of defence's hyperguard with the WhiteHat Sentinel website vulnerability management service

April 28, 2010

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 27, 2010) - Today, art of defence, the leading distributed web application firewall (dWAF) provider, and WhiteHat Security, leading provider of website risk management solutions, announced the integration of art of defence's hyperguard and the WhiteHat Sentinel website vulnerability management service.

Enterprises, web hosting and cloud service providers are able to mitigate risk across any production website. Ideal for the unique cloud computing environment, customers can combine WhiteHat Sentinel's SaaS-based website vulnerability management capabilities with art of defence's software-based dWAF for a highly-targeted vulnerability remediation solution that enables organizations to obtain quick, easy protection from Web application attacks.

Art of defence used WhiteHat Security's operational open XML API to enable hyperguard to transform WhiteHat Sentinel's verified website vulnerability assessment results into viable rule-set suggestions for hyperguard's security policy management. Now, companies that use both solutions will be able to take advantage of "virtual patching" functionality and mitigate website vulnerabilities quickly, limiting exposure to exploits. Depending on the severity level, administrators of hyperguard are able to implement a specific rule-set suggestion into protection mode immediately or test it first in 'detect only' mode. Thus they always maintain control over hyperguard's detect or protect settings, preventing accidental blocking of good Web traffic. hyperguard's entire architecture was carefully designed to ensure that it can be integrated as flexibly and seamlessly as possible into existing security and Web infrastructures, including cloud-based services, with no disruptions or interference in service.

Key hyperguard dWAF Facts

hyperguard's dWAF architecture was released in 2006, made available as a SaaS in 2009 and is available to Amazon EC2 and GoGrid customers as hyperguard SaaS.

hyperguard's protection levels are easily tightened iteratively without risk of unwanted exposure or blocking to the application being shielded.

hyperguard's 'detection only mode' allows rule-sets to be tested but not enforced, alongside with rule-sets in 'protection mode' that enforce already proven security policies.

hyperguard allows real multi-tenancy across any number of users and web applications per user, all with a single administration point.

hyperguard is available as a SaaS, software plug-in, virtual appliance, hardware appliance or as a standalone software solution

Supporting Quotes

"Web applications are bombarded with attacks every second of every day, and as a result it is important for enterprises to identify vulnerabilities in their production websites and shield them to the external world ideally before they are exploited by hackers," said Georg Hess, CEO and founder, art of defence. "This partnership with WhiteHat drastically reduces the window between the identification of a vulnerability and the protection measure of delivering a 'virtual patch' at the dWAF based on the detailed vulnerability information. Thus it represents an important step in our ability to continue lessening the burdens of security for customers. Both solutions are software-based, making scaling simple, cost effective and easy to administer."

"WhiteHat Security research shows that it takes an average of 90 days to remediate a vulnerability once it is identified. Meanwhile attacks against Web applications are rising," said Jeremiah Grossman, founder and chief technology officer, WhiteHat Security. "We are excited that art of defence has integrated hyperguard with WhiteHat Sentinel to give its customers a proven, effective method to address website vulnerabilities and limit exposure."


* art of defence will be exhibiting at the InfoSecurity Europe show in London, April 27-29 * Learn more about WhiteHat Security at * Amazon EC2 customers: for details and a free trial of hyperguard SaaS, visit * GoGrid customers: for details and a free trial of hyperguard SaaS, visit * Read art of defence's blog at * Follow art of defence on Twitter at

About art of defence Founded in 2005, art of defence established its San Francisco-based North American headquarters in 2009. Focused exclusively on providing comprehensive web application security technology on any scale, art of defence's distributed web application firewall (dWAF) technology, hyperguard, is the industry's first WAF SaaS offering available through the Amazon Web Services Partner Program. Available in many forms, hyperguard is the most flexible solution on the market today. Customers have access to the solution as a software plug-in, virtual appliance, hardware appliance or as a standalone software solution.

The company serves the financial services, eCommerce, technology, telecommunication and public sector markets exclusively through OEM/technology and reseller channel partners. art of defence partners with leading technology providers like Amazon Web Services, GoGrid, Microsoft, Zeus, GeNUA, and Armorize. Regensburg, Germany, remains the global headquarters for the European and Asian markets in addition to North America.

For more information about art of defence, visit:

About WhiteHat Security, Inc. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, WhiteHat Security is the leading provider of website risk management solutions that protect critical data, ensure compliance and narrow the window of risk. WhiteHat Sentinel, the company's flagship product family, is the most accurate, complete and cost-effective website vulnerability management solution available. It delivers the visibility, flexibility, and control that organizations need to prevent Web attacks. Furthermore, WhiteHat Sentinel enables automated mitigation of website vulnerabilities via integration with Web application firewalls. To learn more about WhiteHat Security, please visit our website at

Press Contact: art of defence Eric Seymour

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