Armorize To Provide Web Application Security Technology To New York PHP

Armorize Technologies' Static Source Code Analysis and Verification security service identifies vulnerable code statements that leave applications open to attacks

April 3, 2009

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Santa Clara, April 2, 2009 -- Armorize Technologies and New York PHP, LLC (NYPHP) have announced a strategic partnership to provide PHP implementers with the latest in Web Application Security Technology.

Leveraging Armorize Technologies' position as industry-leader in Static Source Code Analysis and Verification, premier open source solution provider NYPHP is adding web application source code review as a security service. This service identifies vulnerable code statements that leave applications open to attacks such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injection and Remote File Inclusion.

By adding proactive Web application security to its service offerings, NYPHP provides efficient remediation of web application vulnerabilities from the outset. This represents a cost-effective and risk-free alternative to the common build-first secure-later paradigm.

Explosive Growth in Web Application Attacks Compromising End-users Web 2.0 has resulted in dynamic technologies that provide businesses and end-users with ever greater capabilities. However it has also brought greater exposure, with hackers directly targeting vulnerable web applications. According to industry analysts at Gartner, by 2010, 80% of organizations will be compromised by such attacks. Instead of seeking to bypass perimeter security controls, hackers are now embedding zero-day attacks in traffic directed at web applications. Research from the Google Malware Analysis Team indicates that in many cases, these compromises are explicitly designed to direct malware at end-user computers for the purpose of stealing information such as stored passwords, banking details, and personal or corporate data.

Rather than the traditional software development practice of adding security after the fact, current trends require proactive and preventative measures, ensuring web applications are built on secure source code from the beginning.

Source Code Analysis offers Proactive Web Application Security Backed by Armorize CodeSecure Static Source Code Analysis and Verification platform, NYPHP's Security Audit Service identifies vulnerabilities in web application source code before deployment. This proactive approach provides significant advantages over the more traditional web application penetration testing model. By pinpointing vulnerable code statements and offering prioritized guidance on remediation, CodeSecure ensures cost-effective and risk-free vulnerability remediation at the root cause.

Under the guidance of an NYPHP professional, clients simply submit their source code through a secure server to receive a full report and analysis that details and prioritizes vulnerabilities. Additionally, clients can get direct expert assistance from a NYPHP senior developer for mitigation and removal of the identified risks.

NYPHP Adds Hosted Source Code Analysis for Open Source Platforms Founded in 2001, New York PHP, LLC is a leading provider of open source business solutions. Their Stackware AMP Platform addresses the disconnect between the application hosting service and the web application itself to assure secure, scalable, and production-ready web solutions.

Building on their experience in AMP development and hosting, recognized security best-practices, and now on Armorize's proven technology, NYPHP adds top-tier hosted source code analysis, providing the first complete solution stack for the AMP vertical.

New York PHP, LLC delivers unmatched service, strategy, and products. Backed by one of the world's strongest technical communities and selected IT professionals, NYPHP combines skill and stability to deliver the next generation of technology support, service and product. For more information, visit New York PHP, LLC

Phone: +1-646-706-7664 Email: [email protected].

About Armorize Technologies Armorize Technologies is a software security company focused on web application security. The company's flagship product, CodeSecure, identifies vulnerabilities in web application source code in order to prevent hacker attacks. In addition to PHP, CodeSecure supports analysis of Java, ASP.NET and Classic ASP programming languages.

From static source code analysis with CodeSecure, to real-time web application protection with SmartWAF and malware injection monitoring and detection with HackAlert, Armorize technologies' award-winning solutions provide security at key points in the web application lifecycle.

With deep roots in academia, the Armorize team garnered consecutive best paper nominations at the prestigious 2003 and 2004 International World Wide Web Conferences. Subsequent recognition for innovative technology and business practices include winning the Red Herring Asia 100 and Global Top 10 Innovators awards, and being invited to present at the Dow Jones Venture Wire Technology Showcase 2008.

With its headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, and its R&D center in the Nan Kang Software Park in Taipei, Taiwan, Armorize has a global customer base with clients from among finance, telecom, government and technology sector leaders.

For more information, visit

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