Beyond security-related events, ATLAS now includes real-time global Internet traffic, routing, and application information

March 10, 2009

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Chelmsford, Mass — March 10, 2009

News Facts

Arbor Networks, Inc., a leading provider of secure service control solutions for global business networks, today unveiled the next-generation ATLAS Internet monitoring system which has been enhanced to look beyond security-related events. ATLAS now includes real-time global Internet traffic, routing and application information.

This added layer of business intelligence will better arm service providers to deliver new, secure, revenue-generating services.

In the past two years, Arbor Networks has improved and extended its ability to gather real-time business intelligence data designed to help service provider customers understand not just the malicious traffic traversing their networks but the impact of global Internet events (i.e. traffic floods, application trends) on their business. As a result, Arbor can provide comprehensive visibility that improves business decisions about peering relationships, capacity planning, markets, services and network management.

Key ATLAS Highlights

ATLAS is a collaborative effort with 100+ ISPs: Arbor has been a pioneer in developing innovative industry initiatives that facilitate cross-provider collaboration and information sharing. The massive ATLAS data set was made possible because of Arbor's reputation as a trusted third party among the global service provider community. All participating ISPs have agreed to share anonymous traffic data on an hourly basis. Through Arbor's Peakflow SP and eSeries deployments, customers are sharing anonymized data about their networks that is aggregated into the ATLAS system, analyzed by Arbor's world-renowned security research team and then shared among Arbor's service provider customers.

ATLAS is more than a security monitoring platform, it's a business intelligence tool: The Arbor products that make up the heart of the ATLAS system have been refined and expanded to provide more real-time intelligence about peering relationships, capacity planning, routing, network management, applications, new services and markets. These new capabilities are now reflected in the real-time, actionable intelligence that ATLAS delivers to Arbor's ISP customers.

No other entity today has aggregated this much real-time information about Internet traffic trends: With a truly unique data set, ATLAS data includes:

o Over 3 Terabits per second of Internet transit traffic monitored and reported o 1 million+ unique IPv4 Internet addresses monitored for globally routed dark IP addresses o 31 GB of global darknet traffic is analyzed daily o Global dark IP route coverage is spread across North America, Europe and Japan o 75+ ISPs are sharing all real-time attack data with Arbor o 30+ ISPs are sharing full real-time routing data o 55 ISPs are participating in the Fingerprint Sharing Alliance (FSA)

Supporting Quotes from Craig Labovitz, Chief Scientist, Arbor Networks

"The combination of Ellacoya's products with our own Peakflow solutions over the course of this past year has enabled us to detect and mitigate the full range of network-based attacks, extending protection from the service provider core down to the broadband edge. With this new iteration of ATLAS, we are in a unique position to answer important questions about the growth of the Internet across geographic regions, the popularity of applications and services, and emerging attack vector trends."

"With ATLAS, we are proud to once again raise the bar for inter-provider communication and collaboration by extending the information gathered in ATLAS beyond security-related events to include real-time global routing information. Given the increasingly competitive nature of our ISP customers' businesses, having this added business intelligence is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge."

Supporting Quote from Gray Williams, GM Managed Security Services, TATA Communications

"ATLAS is an important component of the Tata Communications' global security intelligence platform. ATLAS offers a unique and diverse data set that helps augment Tata Communications' view of Internet traffic trends beyond its own global network assets, thereby enhancing the value of its Managed Security Services platform for its customers and resellers alike."

Supporting Quote from Ken Haertling, Chief Security Officer at TELUS Business Transformation Technology Operations

"With a real-time view of potential Internet threats we can make more informed network management and security decisions. Because ATLAS aggregates data from so many ISPs all over the world, we are given actionable intelligence that not only provides us with a competitive advantage but allows us to fight back against botnets, denial of service attacks and other malicious Internet activity."

Supporting Quote from Phil Sykes, Managing Director with Nextgen Networks

"Nextgen Networks has deployed Arbor technology to monitor Internet traffic and applications in real-time, which is key to effective management of our Internet service operations. Additionally, the capability of the equipment is being further leveraged to establish a range of new value added service features. The Arbor solution provides us with actionable intelligence that improves business decisions around capacity planning, selection of content partners and optimal peering relationships."

Supporting Quote from Adrian van Hest, GM DMZ Global, TelstraClear

"With ATLAS aggregating data from so many ISPs all over the world, we are given real information that allows us to fight back against botnets, denial of service attacks and other malicious internet activity. ATLAS data delivers visibility far beyond our own network infrastructure and provides us with a truly global view of Internet traffic and trends."

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