Anti-Phishing Training Game Now Available As eLearning Courseware

Wombat Security Technologies joins Plateau's iContent partner ecosystem to make its flagship Anti-Phishing Phil training game available as eLearning content

November 7, 2009

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Pittsburgh, PA " November 4, 2009 - In its drive to make its solutions available to a broader range of companies, Wombat Security Technologies has joined Plateau's iContent partner ecosystem to make its flagship Anti-Phishing Phil training game available as eLearning content. While Phil is easy to deploy, iContent makes it available via a content-as-a-service solution so that organizations, specifically small and mid-sized companies, no longer have to deploy the educational game on company servers.

"Making this training game available to users through iContent significantly expands visibility for and access to Anti-Phishing Phil," said Dr. Norman Sadeh, Founder and CEO of Wombat Security Technologies. "By making the interactive and instructive Anti-Phishing Phil courseware available for immediate access in a fully hosted and managed environment, we are providing a truly unique learner experience that will help organizations, especially small and mid-sized companies, protect themselves against phishing scams."

Anti-Phishing Phil is a creative, interactive online game designed to teach users how to identify phishing URLs and avoid phishing scams that may compromise their computers, data and privacy. During the game, users assume the identity of a fish named Phil who swims through the ocean deciding whether to eat or reject worms associated with URLs. Phil's goal is to eat the worms that are legitimate URLs and rejects those that are not. After each round, the game provides users with feedback and tips on the choices Phil made. Because this training format is more engaging than traditional training content, users are more likely to retain what they have learned.

In fact, according to Scientific American Magazine which featured the game in an article last year titled How to Foil "Phishing" Scams, "the ability of subjects who had played the game to distinguish legitimate from fraudulent URLs improved nearly twice as much as that of those trained with standard materials."

With the increase in cyber attacks and significant revenue loss resulting from phishing scams, demand for the Anti-Phishing Phil training game is growing. Offering this training through iContent expands the game's reach and allows organizations across the globe to deliver the training quickly and easily to employees while minimizing IT investment and involvement.

"Through this agreement, Wombat Security Technologies and iContent are delivering a unique, cost-effective training solution that addresses a very real security pain," said Lee Wright, Sr. Director of Services, iContent, at Plateau Systems. "Being able to manage and deliver Anti-Phishing Phil through a SaaS (or CaaS) solution is especially beneficial for those organizations who have a need for this type of training but do not necessarily have the human or technical bandwidth or resources to support it."

iContent, the industry's first and only Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution to provide a single point of procurement, centralized management, hosting for all third-party and in-house content and an all-inclusive service-level guarantee, allows organizations to find, purchase and deliver relevant eLearning to their end-users. Launching eLearning content - including content authored for AICC or SCORM " through iContent is a seamless and straightforward. Users simply log-in and launch the content through Plateau's industry-leading SaaS-based learning management system (LMS). Today, more than 1.4 million users spanning 154 countries are using iContent to deliver and access e-learning content.

About Wombat Security Technologies Wombat Security Technologies delivers unique cyber security training and filtering solutions with one of the most compelling ROI propositions in the marketplace today. Wombat's cyber security awareness and training solutions are designed to be engaging and interactive and have been scientifically shown to be significantly more effective than traditional training solutions. Wombat's products include interactive games and embedded training solutions that create unique "teachable moments", where users are most prone to pay attention and retain knowledge. Wombat's products are easy to deploy and maintain and are used in sectors as diverse as finance, government, telecom, health care, retail, education, transportation & utilities, IT and the service industry. With several hundred thousand users across North America, Europe and Asia, Wombat Security Technologies has established itself as a global leader in cyber security awareness and training. The company's solutions have received many accolades from the computer security industry and media and have been the subject of feature articles in high profile publications such as Scientific American as well as many business and trade publications.

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