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June 7, 2012

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London, UK, June 5 2012 - Acunetix, a pioneer in web security and the developer of Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, today announced the release of WebsiteDefender - an online security monitoring service which helps you secure your websites or blogs against malware and hacker activity. Cybercrime and web malware is on the rise and therefore website security is essential for businesses who want to safeguard their online presence.

"WebsiteDefender is a hosted website security service that allows companies to protect their blog or website against hackers and malware. The backup and restore feature allows easy recovery of a website. It is now possible for any company to secure their web presence without requiring advanced security know-how," said Nick Galea, CEO of Acunetix.

Detects Malware in Order to Avoid the Google Blacklist

Google's security blog reports that approximately 3 million instances of web malware are found on websites every day. Web malware can result in your website being blacklisted by Google. Malware can also lead to sensitive data being stolen, such as customer credit card details, or to the distribution of illegal content to your visitors which can open you up to lawsuits.

WebsiteDefender scans your entire website for malware against the award-winning Bitdefender commercial grade malware database and gives you clear instructions on how to remove any detected malware. WebsiteDefender is capable of detecting infected website files, injected malware links, backdoors, shell scripts and local root exploits such as rootkits. WebsiteDefender also checks if your website is on the Google Blacklist or listed in well-known malware and spam databases.

Keeps Your Website Content Safe with Automated Backups

WebsiteDefender makes automated backups of your website, including your WordPress database. In case of malware or hacker attacks, your entire website, including themes and written content, can be restored with just a few mouse clicks. WebsiteDefender will not run a backup if it detects malware, ensuring that all backups are clean. This gives website owners peace of mind that their content is safe and secure.

Scans WordPress Plugins and Themes for Vulnerabilities

There are hundreds of thousands of open source plugins and themes available for WordPress that give users flexibility but also pose a significant security risk. Some plugins and themes have hidden malicious code or vulnerabilities which can endanger your website and company reputation. WebsiteDefender identifies these vulnerable plugins and themes and alerts you in order that you can remove them before they cause any damage.

Monitors Suspicious File Changes to Detect Hacker Activity

WebsiteDefender notifies you if files within your website have changed since the last scan. These changes may be the result of a hacker trying to compromise your website. With WebsiteDefender, you can review suspicious file changes in order to detect hacker activity early. In addition, you will be alerted when new WordPress administrator accounts are created, which could indicate that a hacker has gained access to your website.

Scan your Websites for Vulnerabilities

In addition to the above features, WebsiteDefender:

. Monitors websites for uptime and alerts users if the website is down. . Finds error messages in PHP code that can compromise your website. . Alerts if new WordPress plugins have been added or deleted. . Checks if you are using the latest version of WordPress. . Checks if you are using the latest version of your plugins and themes. . Alerts you if your files and directories permissions are insecure. . Detects insecure account credentials such as weak passwords. . Alerts you if the administrator credentials or email are modified. . Checks if the WordPress database prefix is guessable. . Detects executable files in the WordPress upload directory. . Detects broken links. . Detects if the internal IP is disclosed. . Detects configuration security issues in .htaccess files.

Review the complete list of WebsiteDefender features here :

Easy to Manage and Very Affordable

WebsiteDefender requires no installation, no learning curve and no maintenance. WebsiteDefender is available in two editions - the Free Edition which includes basic security checks and WebsiteDefender Pro Edition which includes all the features at only $99.95 per year or $19.95 per month.

How to Sign Up

Getting started is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Simply sign up for your WebsiteDefender account here: Follow this step by step guide on getting started with WebsiteDefender Visit and for more information.

About Acunetix Ltd.

Acunetix was founded in 2004 to combat the alarming rise in web attacks and is now a market leader in web application security technology. Its flagship product, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS), is designed to replicate a hacker's methodology to find dangerous vulnerabilities like SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting before hackers do. Acunetix Customers include the London Stock Exchange, Cisco, NASA, the US Air Force, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and many more. For more information visit and find us on Facebook at .

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