AceSpy Spy Software Exposes Social Media Naughtiness

AceSpy v6.0 now includes full Facebook monitoring and restriction

September 5, 2012

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Retina-X Studios, LLC, a leading monitoring software publisher, has released AceSpy v6.0 for Windows. Among several new features is full Facebook monitoring and restriction. The software allows parents to silently monitor and restrict Facebook and other social media websites. They are able to see every single action their child does and block those they deem inappropriate.

First created in 2003, AceSpy is a hidden program which silently records detailed activities of a monitored computer. Results are accessed inside an easy-to-understand user interface. Activities such as typed keystrokes, websites visited, Facebook activity, chats and visual screenshots can be viewed on demand. The software can automatically forward all emails and chats directly to the parents' email address.

The Facebook Monitoring feature silently captures activities such as mail, search and IM chatting. The IM viewer allows users to monitor conversations live as they occur in real time. Offline IM monitoring records the IM window every 15 seconds logging both sides of the conversation.

"Social media sites are quickly becoming the bane of our existence. If a parent suspects their child is doing something naughty, they should investigate. With AceSpy, parents can learn whether or not their child is behaving themselves on social networks. They can also block activities they don't want to happen," said CEO James Johns.

Further parental control features allow parents to set up scheduled usage times limiting access to the entire computer, thus creating a controlled environment. Along with time restrictions, users will also have the option of blocking specific websites from being viewed by creating a URL or keyword list of restricted sites.

The advanced watch list system alerts a parent to pre-specified events. They can monitor for specific keywords within a website or email and then receive an alert if the keyword is encountered. Alerts can be sent via email or text message.

AceSpy Spy Software is available now for Windows and Mac OS X computers at

About Retina-X Studios, LLC: Founded in 2003, Retina-X Studios designs and develops tools which allow parents and employers to monitor the usage of computers, tablets and smartphones. The entire Retina-X Studios lineup is available at

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