21CT Enhances Security Intelligence With LYNXeon v2.29

Update includes enhanced graph database and inclusion of LYNXeon Connect

July 19, 2013

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Austin, TX – July 18, 2013 –21CT today released version 2.29 of LYNXeon, the company's award winning data analytics and visualization solution. The update provides several significant advances including an enhanced graph database that not only increases analytic query performance by up to 10X, and also allows for the analysis and visualization of up to 4X more data. Additionally, LYNXeon v2.29 includes the new LYNXeon Connect, which automates collection of key security data, providing organizations immediate and actionable security intelligence from the right data.

Arm Your Security Team With Actionable Intelligence

"Organizations are rapidly moving toward a more active network security approach, starting with the amplification of perimeter defenses and event correlation engines through data analytics and visualization," said Robert Williams, Chief Product Officer at 21CT. "The challenge for any organization in making this shift is gaining active security intelligence quickly and moving beyond the simple-search and dashboard intelligence provided by security event platforms."

The latest version of LYNXeon amplifies the current network security posture within all organizations, and in many cases takes over where traditional perimeter security and event management solutions stop. Today's release provides some key new features, functionality, and capability including:

· Graph database for ultimate analytic performance

o Powered by an enhanced graph database, LYNXeon now provides security intelligence up to 10X faster during analytical queries and can retain 4X the amount of data. This combination allows users to conduct faster root-cause analysis of events and search for suspicious and malicious traffic patterns over larger sets of historical data.

· Automated security data collection and fusion

o Standard with all deployments of the product, LYNXeon Connect is an enterprise-grade collection framework that automatically connects with key security data including network connection data, intrusion detection alerts, malware detection alerts, threat feeds, and application metadata. LYNXeon Connect works directly with the LYNXeon Connector Library, which supplies standard data connectors for the industry's leading security products.

· Security intelligence delivered to your inbox

o New analytic scheduling and emailing capabilities allows analysts to run analytics at any time and receive emailed reports detailing the very latest findings. This capability is essential for any security team running analytics on a regular basis to be notified of the very latest results in order to quickly take action or be assured that their security posture remains active and resilient.

Illuminate Your Security Intelligence Today

Mr. Williams continued, "Using LYNXeon we see security teams up and running in a matter of minutes, collecting and fusing only the data they need, and quickly running analytics to see the unknown unknowns within their network. But almost more gratifying is watching how LYNXeon actually arms these security analysts with a weapon that finally levels the playing field and observing how they use their newly gained security intelligence to go on the hunt."

Built from the ground up as a standardized data analytics and visualization product, LYNXeon can be deployed at any organization and before the end of the day provide security teams with:

· Unprecedented observability into the inner-workings of the network and inter-relatedness of events

· Dramatic reduction of business-critical time-to-detection and time-to-mitigation from days and months to a matter of minutes

· Ability to identify never before seen malicious behavior and build predictive models to detect these attack patterns in the future

· Deep visualization of network data combined with graph pattern matching analytics to directly pinpoint attacks, breaches, and vulnerabilities

About 21CT

21CT data analytics and visualization solutions illuminate the intelligence in your data. Using LYNXeon from 21CT organizations gain the operational and actionable insight needed to harden network security, detect healthcare fraud, document criminal behavior, and more. For more information and to find out how to illuminate the intelligence from your data, visit www.21CT.com.

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