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10 No-BS Tips for Building a Diverse and Dynamic Security Team

Advice from women and nonbinary security leaders on creating well-rounded security teams, stronger CISO leadership, and a more resilient industry.

Gallons of digital and literal ink has been spilled in the past decade over the skills gap and diversity problems in the world of cybersecurity that the discussion can feel monotonously nonproductive. So much of the talk tends toward hand-wavy, feel-good awareness pieces that are reductive and not all that helpful toward making meaningful changes. There's a whole lot of "cybersecurity skills gap, bad; diversity, good" but not much behind it.

So when people start offering hands-on, real-world, practical advice on how to intentionally change hiring practices, how to move the needle on collaborative work from security teams, and how to widen the net for talent in the security world, we sit up and take notice.

This is exactly what the recently published e-book Reinventing Security from JupiterOne Press does. The book is a product of a collaboration among 17 cybersecurity leaders — all of whom also happen to be women, nonbinary, neurodivergent, and/or underrepresented minorities. They offer meaningful strategic and tactical advice on leadership, collaboration, and team-building that's drawn from their own considerable frontline experiences.

For this slideshow we've dug through the text to excerpt and summarize a number of these experts. But the entire book is worth the read. It's a meaty guide that goes well beyond just stating security challenges. It actually provides answers for how to meet them.

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