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Orca Sues Wiz for 'Copying' Its Cloud Security Tech

Two fierce cloud security competitors are locked in a legal battle, as Orca accuses Wiz of ripping off its intellectual property.

Israeli-US cloud security vendors Orca Security and Wiz are taking their competitive bad blood to court. Orca has filed suit against Wiz for patent infringement.

Both companies offer tools to monitor cloud storage servers for cyberattacks, but Orca is suing Wiz for essentially stealing its whole business, reports on the new lawsuit said.

"Wiz has built its business on a simple business plan: copy Orca," Orca said in the suit against Wiz. "This copying is replete throughout Wiz's business and has manifest in myriad ways."

The case was filed in the US District court in Delaware on Wednesday, July 12.

Orca was launched in 2019 and in May of 2020 announced it raised $20 million in funding. Wiz, founded in February 2020 was valued at $10 billion.

"Orca has tried to compete with Wiz on several fronts and failed," a Wiz spokesperson told The Times of Israel. "Now they are pursuing less innovative methods."