Infographic: With BYOD, Mobile Is The New Desktop

Security teams have no choice but to embrace the rapid proliferation of BYO devices, apps, and cloud services. To ignore it is to put your head in the sand.

The convergence of mobile and cloud has increased employee productivity and increased the risk of data loss for enterprises. Because both technologies are data-centric and expose corporate data outside of the enterprise, we have to be aware of how we’re managing our resources and protecting our assets.

Not knowing how to protect corporate data, many organizations have been hesitant to adopt mobile and cloud technologies. However, with the rapid proliferation of user-owned devices, applications, and cloud services in the enterprise, we really have no choice but to embrace them because, as this infographic illustrates, it’s happening, whether IT or security teams believe it or not.

Organizations struggle because they can’t take mobile away, and employees use it because it increases productivity. It’s time to adopt and properly manage the solutions enterprise employees are using each day. There has been an explosion of data outside the four walls of enterprise IT. CISOs need to fundamentally rethink their strategies and approaches to securing that data. How do you do this? Let’s chat about the risks and opportunities in the comments below.