Cloud Security By The Numbers

Quantifying the perceptions around cloud security practices.
According to a recent Informationweek Reports survey, security and data resiliency issues make up four of the top 10 concerns
IT pros seem to be split nearly right down the middle as to whether using cloud services increases the risk of a data breach.
Meanwhile, even more line of business leaders are confident in the security of the cloud. In fact, more than a third even bel
However, the use of the cloud does raise the stakes for breach impact. According to a recent Ponemon Institute report, the us
The added impact of potential risk from a cloud breach is further exacerbated by lackluster cloud encryption practices. The p
And the truth is that most security organizations still struggle to extend corporate data governance policies to the public c
That's probably why they can't seem to enforce cloud policies very well. According to a report by Skyhigh Networks, there's a
A survey conducted by the Cloud Security Alliance on behalf of Netskope also found that IT departments may be underestimating
Many of the struggles IT faces in the cloud can be summed up here, according to a Ponemon Institute study: Just 9% of IT secu

As IT executives and business leaders finally get their arms around analyses of the business opportunities versus the security risks of cloud adoption, the industry is increasingly quantifying the friction between the two. We've put together some numbers to show perception over some of the hot-button issues, as well as current progress toward smoothing the way for secure cloud transformations.

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