Trusona Releases Cloud Identity Suite and Launches the #NoPasswords Revolution

Trusona Essential is Free and Designed to Eliminate Passwords to Create a Safer Internet

September 17, 2016

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Sept. 8, 2016 —Trusona, the category-defining identity and authentication platform, announced that its Cloud Identity Suite now offers three tiers of identity-proofing and authentication — Essential, Executive and Elite. The new offerings bring patented, insured technology to protect businesses and consumers while simultaneously eliminating the need for passwords—an obsolete method of authentication.

Passwords provide hackers a gift-wrapped method for accessing customer data and business networks. They came about in the 1960s, well before the widespread use of the internet, and were not designed to protect highly sensitive assets like bank accounts, health records and personal information. When a correct username and password are entered, access is granted—no other verifications are required.

Yet most consumers aren’t aware of the risks, despite daily breaches shown in the headlines. More than 63 percent of confirmed data breaches in 2015 involved hackers leveraging weak, default or stolen passwords,[1] but Trusona’s latest research into consumer sentiment showed that 83 percent of consumers still trust passwords to keep their sensitive data safe. Additionally, nearly a third don’t even take the time to change their password immediately following a confirmed breach.  

The time has come for a change.

Passwords aren’t just risky; they are also annoying. Thirty-eight percent of consumers said they have discontinued use of a service simply because they forgot their passwords. Fifty percent would “jump for joy” if they had a password-less, secure and convenient login option.

Trusona’s mission is to usher in the era of #NoPasswords and ensure that authentication methods keep pace with our digital lives.

“A technology invented more than fifty years ago is not built to handle the modern cyber attack landscape. Trusona is proud to lead the no passwords revolution by offering Essential as our free gift to the world. Our goal is to ultimately make the internet a safer place,” said Ori Eisen, founder and CEO of Trusona. “Static authentication methods are inherently flawed. The way we use the internet is dynamic and our authentication methods need to be too.  Our tiered Cloud Identity Suite caters to all levels and bridges the gap between convenience and security.”

All Trusona solutions rely on patented anti-replay technologies to ensure hackers are unable to replay session data.


●      Essential: Trusona Essential is completely free and eliminates the need for static passwords.  A simple verification through Trusona’s app allows users to log into any site.

●      Executive: Trusona Executive is a multi-factor authentication solution designed for businesses needing an additional layer of security and anti-replay technology to ensure risky transactions and corporate networks are protected.

●      Elite: Trusona Elite is the only authentication solution that is backed by an A+ rated insurer and is designed for VIPs and critical access needed the highest level of security ever created.

“I’ve dedicated my life to educating people on best practices to protect their identities and online information, but the fact is that in today’s climate, no amount of education will help internet users who are still forced to use outdated methods of authentication,” said Frank Abagnale, author of “Catch Me If You Can” and advisor to Trusona. “I’m confident that with Trusona’s unparalleled technology, we’ll be able to spread change to all corners of the internet and improve people’s lives for the long haul.”

More than 700 million data records[2] were stolen last year, and yet little change has been made at a consumer level to change the way we protect online identity. Trusona’s platform has cracked the code on internet safety while eliminating passwords with one fell swoop,” said Ted Schlein, general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers


About Trusona
Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Trusona provides the world’s first and only insured cloud identity suite, designed to guarantee the true persona behind the most sensitive online transactions. Trusona’s cloud identity suite includes three levels of service—Essential, Executive and Elite—for consumers, businesses and VIPs. Trusona Elite is the only solution backed by an A+ rated insurance carrier. Founded in 2015 by CEO and cyber security expert Ori Eisen, Trusona has funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Trusona -- when you truly need to know. For more information about Trusona, visit





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