Spyderbat Announces Open Source Program for Cloud Native Visibility and Security

Open source tools by Spyderbat address the needs of Platform Engineering and DevOps teams by delivering new insights to workload activities and behaviors.

October 25, 2022

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AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Spyderbat, a cloud native runtime security company, today announced its Open Source program delivering new tools to increase visibility and security in cloud native environments. Spyderbat's open source projects include Spydertop, an htop-like tool for historic understanding of a workload's process behavior, and the Spyderbat Falco Connector, integrating the popular Falco open source tool for container security with the Spyderbat platform.

Spyderbat introduces its program to contribute and participate in the open source community with useful innovations that solve real-world problems.

"Spyderbat's open source tools demonstrate that Sypderbat isn't just a security product, it's a game-changer," comments Hal Pomeranz, a Linux Forensics Expert and Instructor. "Spyderbat has created an intelligence platform that provides highly granular and customizable information from your Linux infrastructure, both in real-time and historically."

"To align to platform engineering teams' goals for productivity and reliability, it is critical to create opportunities for automation." states Brian Smith, CTO and co-founder of Spyderbat. "The objective of our open source program is to empower these teams with the necessary tooling for securing cloud native environments and sharing visibility that fosters collaboration with other teams, all with the flexibility to adapt to individuals' or organizations' needs."

As part of Spyderbat's open source program are two new tools, Spydertop and Falco Connector.

  •  Spydertop is a command-line tool with a similar view as the popular troubleshooting tool htop with the added capability of retrieving
    historic data sets from Spyderbat's API. This added capability becomes incredibly useful for troubleshooting intermittent or difficult to
    reproduce issues. 

  • Spyderbat Falco Connector is an integration to collect Falco events into the Spyderbat platform. Mapping Falco intrusion detection events in real-time with Spyderbat identifies processes and network activity causally connected to the Falco event, including activities in other containers or to the host itself. This results in reducing the noise of false positives while immediately presenting the root cause to real concerns.

The announcement of Spyderbat's open source program coincides with their announcement of new Series A funding, fueling growth for the company's solution for cloud native runtime security. Spyderbat is a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Linux Foundation.

Spyderbat is exhibiting at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Oct 26th-Oct 28th. Learn more about Spyderbat's solution for cloud native runtime security by visiting their booth #SU45.

About Spyderbat Spyderbat delivers cloud native runtime security to customers with unprecedented precision in intrusion prevention and mitigation. Founded in 2019 on the recognition that the manual processes of traditional security operations are completely ineffective in rapidly-changing cloud environments, Spyderbat is making threat prevention and security operation automation available with a platform for early, accurate, and thorough recognition of attacks. To learn more about Spyderbat's solutions, open source projects, career opportunities, or to begin using Spyderbat's free tier, visit http://www.spyderbat.com.

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