Prancer Announces Integration With ChatGPT for Enhanced Security Assessments

March 17, 2023

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SAN DIEGO, Calif., March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- We are thrilled to
announce that Prancer, a leading cloud security solution provider, has
integrated its SOC2 Type II certified cloud security solution with ChatGPT, a
highly advanced language model for natural language processing, and OpenAI APIs.

This integration represents a significant milestone in cloud security solutions,
enabling organizations to identify and remediate potential security risks using
various advanced technologies.

In addition to providing a range of security assessments, including
infrastructure security based on Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security, application security testing with Static
Application Security Testing (SAST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and
penetration testing, and compliance assessments, Prancer's cloud security
solution now integrates with OpenAI APIs to use other models that are intended
to provide remediation code and security check the codes. This collaboration
will enable Prancer and ChatGPT to correlate vulnerabilities for specific
architecture patterns to identify attack paths, remediate security findings, and
analyze findings from infrastructure and applications.

Integrating Prancer's cloud security solution with ChatGPT and OpenAI APIs
brings together some of the most advanced technologies in cloud security to
deliver a comprehensive security solution for organizations operating in the
cloud. With the growing concerns around cloud security, this integration is
crucial in providing an all-encompassing security solution that can detect,
prevent, and remediate potential security risks.

As a leader in cloud security, Prancer is dedicated to providing cutting-edge
security solutions that meet the highest industry standards. This integration
with ChatGPT and OpenAI APIs represents a significant milestone in cloud
security solutions and will help organizations identify and mitigate potential
security risks.

We look forward to working with our customers to deliver the best cloud security
solutions available, utilizing the advanced technologies of Prancer, ChatGPT,
and OpenAI APIs.

About Prancer
Prancer is the industry's first cloud-native, self-service SAAS platform for
automated security assessment and penetration testing in the cloud. Prancer
provides a comprehensive suite of Infrastructure and Application Security
solutions to enable shift-left approaches to implement preventative controls and
offensive security testing mechanisms. Prancer Security Solutions allows
customers to rapidly validate their cloud applications against ever-growing
cyber threats, resulting in faster release cycles, greater false-positive
reduction, and cost savings for both security and engineering teams.
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