New Net Technologies (NNT) Launches Change Tracker for Cloud and Container Environments

Company's flagship product expands its security and compliance capabilities to support increased shift to the cloud.

December 2, 2020

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Naples, Florida - December 2, 2020 -- New Net Technologies (NNT), a leader in cybersecurity and compliance software, today announced the first in what will be a two staged launch of their complete cyber security and compliance solution for cloud and container environments: NNT Cloud Tracker. This launch is also part of a much broader new major update, based on NNT’s microservices Mega Hub architecture, capable of handling hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

With the latest Change Tracker update, NNT addresses the industry’s most significant challenges faced in delivering nonstop security and compliance for cloud and containers, ensuring end to end system integrity for all components at all times from the underlying architecture and orchestration to the end points.

According to a recent report by Gartner, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the result of a configurable anomaly or error. As companies strive to mitigate this risk whilst at the same time embracing digital transformation to help improve existing business models, the ability to provide the automated assurance of complete end to end system integrity will be paramount. The shifting landscape introduces an array of associated security and governance implications, particularly for those companies that have a combination of various cloud platforms. NNT Cloud Tracker will easily integrate into any DevSecOps process, public cloud platform such as AWS and Azure, and any dynamic or high-velocity, ultra-elastic environment.

“NNT’s Change Tracker offers a seamless and automated Change Control solution that is embedded into a company’s existing cloud and container technologies,” said Dirk Schrader, Global Vice President of Product Marketing and Business Development, NNT. “Our platform offers actionable responses using inbuilt and cloud-based Threat Intelligence to automatically validate changes as they are detected using intelligent rules and whitelisting technology. For our customers, it provides the answer to the very basic question of whether what is happening in their infrastructure is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It enables them to distinguish between the ‘good’ - the intended, desirable changes such as updates and patches, and the ‘bad’ – potentially malicious activity indicating a breach as early as possible.”

The improvements introduced in the latest update to NNT’s Change Tracker Gen 7 R2 for cloud and container environments includes the ability to:

  • Deliver automated and accurate CIS Benchmark secure configuration guidance audits of all public cloud platforms and Kubernetes/Docker implementations 

  • Scan for all known vulnerabilities using over 80,000 automated network vulnerability tests

  • Compare file changes to over 8 Billion file reputations

  • Identify malicious activity within cloud and container environments, providing contextual alerts that empower teams with actionable intelligence

  • Easily deploy, from anywhere, whether that be directly within the container, at the Pod or Cluster level, or at the Node or underlying platform

  • Monitor mapped shared storage within a container from the outside-in, providing a flexibility that can simplify deployment and even reduce licensing costs

“Understanding that it’s more important than ever to control your Cloud and Container Security Posture, Change Tracker Gen 7 R2 better enables firms with an easy-to-use automated solution, even when managing the ultra-elastic and dynamic high velocity environments brought on by container-delivered services and firms relying upon multiple cloud platforms and cloud service providers,” said Mark Kerrison, CEO at NNT. “NNT Cloud Tracker provides ultimate reassurance of security to anyone serious about adopting this type of computing strategy, even down to the container itself. This has been a few years in the making but we are all thrilled and excited with this launch, and with it a new frontier for NNT”.

About New Net Technologies (NNT):
NNT is the leading provider of SecureOps™. SecureOps™ combines the essential, foundational security controls as prescribed by all leading security frameworks such as CIS and NIST with the operational discipline of change management. By ensuring you have the prescribed essential security controls in place combined with the ability to correlate changes within your environment with an approved ticket or set of intelligent rules, organizations are able to prevent and protect themselves against all forms of breach as well as gaining full control of changes for both security and operational peace of mind. For more information, visit

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