Dot Net Factory Unveils ID Management Platform For Windows Workflow Foundation

EmpowerID 2009 simplifies process of automating complex business processes with visually designed and intuitive workflows

March 30, 2009

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DUBLIN, OH " Mar. 23, 2009 " The Dot Net Factory today announced the availability of EmpowerID 2009, the newest version of the world's first and only Identity Management platform built on Microsoft's Windows Workflow Foundation. EmpowerID 2009 dramatically accelerates Identity Management and compliance efforts by simplifying the process of automating complex business processes with visually designed and intuitive workflows that set a new standard for flexibility and ease of use.

A New Breed of Identity Management EmpowerID 2009 features Role Enforcer modules with workflows and web-based interfaces that can be rapidly deployed, including: multi-directory user provisioning (including support for HR, ERP and custom applications); password self-service reset; group management; Active Directory reporting; corporate white pages; Exchange provisioning and security; and SharePoint provisioning and security.

For organizations that desire custom workflows developed to their specific business requirements, EmpowerID 2009 offers a complete workflow automation platform, featuring a modular "drag and drop" visual designer that turns complex tasks into role-based, event-driven workflows. Included "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) designers deliver code-free Silverlight and ASP.NET web user interfaces. EmpowerID 2009's job function and location-based role hierarchy reflects changes in an organization immediately and automatically adapts to the changed security requirements. EmpowerID 2009 is a single and unified platform and code base that deploys quickly, cuts costs, and grows easily to accommodate future needs.

"The workflow engine in EmpowerID continues to be exceptional, unlike anything I've seen in other products within this category. It is intrinsically integrated with entitlement management at every step in the way," said Felix Gaehtgens, senior analyst, Kuppinger Cole + Partner. "The Dot Net Factory is quick to point out that this simplifies deployment and rapid prototyping, and that is correct of course - but in our opinion the benefits are even greater after deployment, when business requirements change. That is the time when things have a tendency to get messy, and EmpowerID very elegantly sidesteps many of the problems by allowing changes to be made in any of the layers while keeping the model intact."

"We were able to roll out user provisioning and administration with EmpowerID to a newly acquired company for a large, multinational energy firm in one day. With EmpowerID, we were able to visually map out the business-specific onboarding process as a flexible Windows Workflow with easy-to-use, web-based user interfaces. We have been extremely pleased with the power and ease of deployment that EmpowerID provides," said Ryan Manning, Principal, F-1 Consulting.

"Organizations have wanted a platform that can support their automation, security, and compliance needs without the inflexibility or the high cost associated with custom coded solutions. The visually-designed Business Process Management of EmpowerID 2009 delivers on these needs with a rich set of Identity Management solutions at a very reasonable cost. EmpowerID 2009 offers the rapid return on investment demanded by today's business environment," said Patrick Parker, Chief Executive Officer, The Dot Net Factory.

What's new: New enhancements in EmpowerID 2009 include:

  • Full support for designing event-driven, non-linear ("State Machine" workflows)

    • Expansion of the workflow design studio to include: - Code-free designers for generating Silverlight, ASP.NET, and WPF user interfaces - Designers for creating workflow shapes and secure WCF web services - Single click publication of workflows as web services

    • SOA event publication and subscription model for loosely coupled business processes

    • An enhanced business process dashboard

    • SharePoint Workflow " EmpowerID workflows in SharePoint

    • RBAC Role Mapping " can avoid Role Mining by mapping existing system roles and locations into EmpowerID RBAC

    • Enhanced audit and compliance that includes detailed change tracking for changes in managed systems (e.g. Group Membership)

    • Support for distributed deployments with communication restricted to web services that can function through firewalls

    • Support for an unlimited number of EmpowerID servers performing tasks in parallel for inventory, permissions enforcement, workflow services, and other functions for increased scalability, redundancy and failover

      Availability EmpowerID 2009 is immediately available from The Dot Net Factory by going to

      Subscription-based, limited and unlimited use licenses are available. For more information, call toll free to (877) 996-4276.

      About The Dot Net Factory Based in Dublin, Ohio, The Dot Net Factory has deployments of EmpowerID that span the globe, with single installations that effortlessly manage over 100,000 users and more than one million resources. The Dot Net Factory is a Microsoft Partner and leading provider of Identity Management and Secure Business Process Automation solutions. For more information, visit or call toll free to (877) 996-4276.

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