Considering Blockchain? Security Innovation Research Suggests Organizations Still in Learning Mode

The company's blockchain training and assessments help organizations determine if it’s right for them and how to securely implement it.

June 26, 2018

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Wilmington, MA – June 25, 2018 – Security Innovation, a pioneer in software security assessment and training, today announced new research findings into Blockchain competency levels. While Blockchain is a promising technology, organizations realize there are risk implications that pose new challenges for security and business teams alike.

In April, Security Innovation released its free Blockchain CTF “learn by doing” platform for Smart Contracts.  Analysis of user engagement reveals:

  • ~50% percent of users were able to solve more than one of the seven challenges presented; 

  • Only 10 percent of users scored 4,000 points – the maximum available;

  • The average score was approximately 500 points, or 12.5 percent of the maximum;

  • Each user was able to conduct multiple transactions to smart contracts on the testnet Blockchain; and

  • Challenges that require users to deploy their own smart contracts were the most difficult for users.

“Of the professionals who have used our Blockchain CTF platform since releasing it in April, many are having a difficult time identifying security issues,” said Mick Ayzenberg, Security Engineer and Blockchain expert at Security Innovation.  “This isn’t uncommon with a new and complex technology with limited documentation and accepted best practices.  However, it is clear that developers and testers need to better understand the nuances of DApps and Smart Contracts, and need to become more proficient at attacking and defending them.”

The company has been researching Blockchain for years, and offers a variety of services and solutions to help companies as they evaluate and begin working with it.

  • Blockchain Workshops – led by Blockchain experts, these half day sessions are ideal for technical executives who need expert guidance on security and business implications of Blockchain

  • Blockchain Technical Trainings – These two-day courses examine methodologies used when developing smart contracts for Blockchain enabled Decentralized Applications (DApps), and   leverage a “capture the flag” platform for practical simulation

  • Technical Assessments – Security Innovation experts provide organizations with Smart Contract Code Review, Integration Testing, and Blockchain Design and Code Review.

“With the growth of Blockchain technology comes a new model for thinking of security. While this sector inherits a lot of the same threats and vulnerabilities as other categories of software, it also introduces new unforeseen considerations, and we are here to help,” explained Ayzenberg.

To help teams better prepare for the security challenges of both current and future technologies, Security Innovation offers application cyber ranges for the most authentic way to hone security skills.  These “learn by doing” trainings build the permanent skills teams need to improve overall code quality.

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