Authomize Launches Identity Threat Detection and Response Platform to Protect Against Identity-Based Attacks


November 15, 2022

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TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud Identity and Access Security provider Authomize today announced the launch of its Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) Platform, enabling customers to eliminate identity threats across all their cloud environments.

ITDR is the new category defined by Gartner for closing the security gap between Identity and Access Management (IAM) and infrastructure security controls, enabling them to protect against insider threats, account takeovers, privilege escalation, lateral movement, and other dangers to their identity and access layer.

It recognizes that just as every infrastructure surface, whether it be endpoint, network, or cloud requires a protective layer to monitor and secure it from exploitation, identity is the new perimeter and it needs security in the face of increased attacks seen over the past few years.

"From SolarWinds to Colonial Pipeline to Uber, adversaries are stepping up their focus on identities and the IAM infrastructure tools we use to manage those identities' associated access as their path to a successful breach," says Authomize's CEO and Co-founder Dotan Bar Noy. "With the launch of Authomize's ITDR Platform, we will give our customers the single point of visibility and control they need to reduce risk of an identity-based breach, detect active threats targeting the identity layer, and enable faster, more efficient responses through automation with security operations."

ITDR platform builds on Authomize's expansive Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) solutions that give it the deep, cross cloud visibility across IaaS, SaaS, and other cloud environments for the fullest spectrum of coverage over customers' identities, assets, access privileges, and activities. Their Machine Learning-driven Smart Groups engine connects to all of the environments, collecting, normalizing, and analyzing the data to create a comprehensive picture of access to the organization's cloud that is used for providing actionable recommendations for mitigating risk.

This unparalleled visibility answers the question of who has access to what, and how they are using their privileges, allowing the organization to take effective action in securing it.

"Organizations depend on valuable IAM infrastructure to help them manage their declared access, but are left blind to the state of their actual de facto access as it exists in their cloud environments," says Authomize's CTO and Co-founder Gal Diskin. "Only with Authomize can they fully understand and take control of their identity layer, proactively protecting their IAM infrastructure from malicious manipulation."

Authomize's ITDR Platform enables organizations to:

  • Harden security posture by reducing threat surface risks like stale access, over-privilege, cloud and IAM misconfigurations, and privilege escalation paths that can all lead to potential exploitation, helping them to achieve continuous Least Privilege

  • Detect active threats like creation of new admins, user impersonation, and malicious activity

  • Accelerate investigations and responses with clear visibility over identities' access in an easy to digest Access Explorer graph, along with webhooks and integrations with SIEMS, SOARs, ITSMS, and XDRs for more efficient remediation with security operations

As part of the launch of the new ITDR capabilities available on the platform, Authomize is now offering a free assessment report for interested organizations to uncover potential risks, misconfigurations, and threats to their IAM infrastructure. No agents or commitments are required to benefit from the FREE assessment.

For more information on the FREE Assessment, use the link provided here.

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