AlephCloud Gets Patent for Keeping Content Private from Cloud Providers

Invention Enables Cloud Providers to Supply Encryption for Multi-Party Collaboration that only the Content Owner Controls

March 8, 2014

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SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 27, 2014 – AlephCloud today announced that it has received U.S. Patent #8681992 for an encryption breakthrough that allows content to be shared among multiple parties in the cloud while keeping it secure and private from even application and infrastructure providers.   

The patented technology, called “Monitoring and Controlling Access to Electronic Content”, is a cryptography-based mechanism that enables all parties to securely communicate across trust boundaries in the cloud through a central intermediary (the hub), without the hub ever being able to access either the data or the data access policies. It enables service providers to reassure users that only they can access content placed in the cloud. 

The technology combines advanced encryption and key federation to layer transparent privacy, confidentiality and audit controls on top of cloud storage services. It allows organizations to keep sensitive content stored in the cloud private, while enabling flexible collaboration between internal or external users.

“AlephCloud’s patented technology enables cloud providers to establish trust by allowing content owners to control privacy and security mechanisms using a unique blend of encryption and key federation,” said Jieming Zhu, CEO and Co-founder of AlephCloud. “This makes it possible to offer confidential document exchange in the cloud and introduce other advanced services. We believe this invention will change the rules for digital content protection and access both on-premise and in the cloud.” 

AlephCloud Trustworthy Cloud Platform

The patented technology at the core of the AlephCloud Trustworthy Cloud™ Platform introduces a new model for digital content protection and access that:

• Applies access controls and policies to the content, not the “container,” to enforce protection regardless of where the content is stored

• Enables any-to-any secure collaboration across trust boundaries without having to rely on a trusted third party

• Provides end-to-end encryption and global digital rights management (DRM) for “cradle to grave” security

• Allows IT to maintain complete visibility and control, but prevents access to the content itself 

AlephCloud at SANS 2014 

The AlephCloud Trustworthy Cloud™ Platform will be showcased with its reference application called Content Canopy™, at SANS 2014 in Orlando at the Walt Disney World Dolphin at Booth #3 in the vendor Solutions Expo. The company will host a Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, April 8 at 12:30 pm.

About AlephCloud

AlephCloud allows cloud providers to layer transparent privacy, confidentiality and audit controls on top of cloud storage services, while enabling flexible collaboration within and between organizations. The company’s patented technology combines encryption and key federation to establish trust in cloud services by allowing content owners to control privacy and security mechanisms. AlephCloud is based in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Visit to learn more or follow us on twitter @AlephCloud. 

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