InfoSec Book Club: What’s On Your Fall Reading List?

Dark Reading community members share the books that inform and inspire their decisions and interactions as security professionals.
From Beirut to Jerusalem
Two Old Women
Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition
Practical Reverse Engineering
The Rootkit Arsenal
The Lowland
Android Hackers
Think Like a Freak

I don’t know about you but when I see the yellow school buses rolling and the days start getting shorter, my biological clock tells me it’s time to put away the trashy summer novels and dive into some serious reading to psyche me up for the big-fourth quarter push at work.

But what to read? In the search for some great recommendations, I reached out to members of the Dark Reading community. I asked them to share the titles of books that have informed and inspired them in their day to day decisions and interactions as a security professional.

The selection criteria was wide open. They could recommend a technical tome, a novel, or a work of non-fiction with a business, management or political focus. The primary consideration was how they applied what they read to their job as a security practitioner.

Here’s our list. But it’s just a beginning. Be sure to add your own recommendations and reasons in the comments.


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Recommended Reading: