Hacker Couture: As Seen At Black Hat USA, BSides, DEF CON

'Leet tattoos, piercings, mega-beards, (the real) John McAfee, and even a cute puppy were among the colorful sights in Las Vegas this month.
Nope, that's no (real) pope. It's the Pope of the Church of WiFi, who went around DEF CON absolving users of their WiFi sins.
Orange is the new black in hacker hair color.
Rocking a tapestry vest at the DEF CON Tamper Evident Contest.
This DEF CON doggie brought all kinds of cuteness to the hacker confab. Who needs cat videos when a pup is onsite?
John McAfee (yes, that's him) made surprise guest speaker appearances at BSides and DEF CON, sporting a look reminiscent of 1
A collection of lanyards from DEF CONs past adds some bling to an attendee's backpack.
Mohawks and big beards are always in season in the hacker community.
The latest in hacker chic at Black Hat USA.
Metasploit Framework manager Tod Beardsley of Rapid7 rocks his literally "leet" tattoo at Black Hat USA.

Amid the somber menu of serious security flaws presented at last week's hacker conferences in Las Vegas -- in cars, TSA checkpoint systems, hotel networks, USBs, and home automation systems, to name a few -- the colorful and free-spirited nature of the hacker culture was also on display in the fashion choices of some of the hackers and members of the security community.

Think you could pull off an ensemble of hipster glasses, a mohawk, and a kilt? Click the image below to check out some of the trendy looks on display this month in Las Vegas during the Black Hat USA, BSides, and DEF CON conferences. All photos were taken by Apneet Jolly.

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