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Wendy's Hit With Lawsuit Over Data Breach

Fast-food chain accused of failing to protect customer credit card details.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Wendy’s for alleged negilgence in securing its computer systems and customer data, according to a report by The class action lawsuit was filed at the Federal Court, Pittsburgh, by First Choice Federal Credit Union, against the Ohio-based fast food chain on April 25.

According to the filing, Wendy’s did not update its computer system when required, thus making it susceptible to hacks. Confidential details of millions of customer credit cards were possibly leaked from various Wendy’s locations for five months starting October 22, 2015.

The lawsuit accused Wendy’s of using outdated credit card systems that do not comply with federal guidelines, and for holding card details for too long. 

Wendy’s did not comment on the lawsuit but said it's working with law enforcement and card companies in investigating the breach.

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