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VC Firm Advanced Technology Ventures Hit with Ransomware

The venture capital firm believes the attack affected personal data belonging to individual investors in ATV funds.

Silicon Valley venture capital firm Advanced Technology Ventures (ATV), which has more than $1.8 billion in assets, was hit with a ransomware attack in July, TechCrunch reports.

ATV learned of the attack on July 9 when its third-party IT provider reported anomalous activity on two identical ATV servers on which the company stored financial reporting data, officials wrote in a letter disclosing the incident. It determined the servers had been encrypted with ransomware.

The company later learned on July 26 that evidence indicated unauthorized access to, and exfiltration of, the contents of these servers. ATV is still working to determine the exact personal data accessed for each person affected; however, it reports the compromised data belonged to individual investors in the company's funds.

This information may have included the names, email addresses, phone numbers, and Social Security numbers of affected individuals. So far, ATV has not seen fraud or misuse of this data as a result of the attack.

ATV has notified the FBI, launched an internal investigation, and hired a forensic investigation firm to help with its investigation and response. Employees have been required to change their access credentials, and additional security has been deployed to the corporate network, it reports.

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