Post-Breach Carnage: Worst Ways The Axe Fell in 2017

Executive firings, stock drops, and class action settlements galore, this year was a study in real-world repercussions for cybersecurity lapses.
Don't Let the Door Hit Uber's CSO on the Way Out
Equifax Loses Billions in Stock Valuation
Equifax Executives Drop Like Flies
SEC Chair Gets Senatorial Grilling
Swedish Bureaucrats Asked To Fall On Swords
Anthem Pays Largest Data Breach Settlement Ever
WannaCry Shuts Down UK Hospitals
Verizon Gets a $350 Million Discount on Yahoo Acquisition
Marissa Mayer Personally Loses Millions After Breach

The days of pretending that data breaches don't matter to the business or to executive job security are quickly drawing to a close. This past year has shown how real the implications can be for business viability, for the job prospects of top brass in charge when lapses occur, and even for the personal finances of CEOs when the fecal matter hits the fan.

Read on for some of the worst:

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