GNC Standardizes on iPass

GNC has selected iPass to provide a fully integrated mobility solution

CHICAGO -- iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS) today announced GNC Corporation (GNC) has selected iPass to provide a fully integrated mobility solution that will give its employees simple, secure access to the Internet while enabling GNC’s IT staff to more effectively manage remote devices. The deployment is expected to improve employee productivity while reducing the risks and costs that can be associated with mobile access.

GNC will deploy the complete iPass Universal Policy Enforcement solution, which combines iPass’ award-winning iPass Connect™ universal client with iPass advanced software, Endpoint Policy Management and DeviceID, to protect the GNC network from security breaches caused by unauthorized devices, or devices becoming infected by using connections such as home broadband networks, public Wi-Fi hotspots or 3G mobile data links.

GNC, which is the largest global specialty retailer of nutritional supplements, will integrate the iPass system into its existing network infrastructure and leverage the capabilities of multiple iPass services. In addition to iPass Connect, which provides GNC employees with single-password access to the Internet from anywhere in the world, these services include Endpoint Policy Management software, which facilitates management of PCs, software updates, service patches and more; and the iPass intelligent Online Quality (iOQ) service, a online reporting tool that helps IT detect problems early and troubleshoot connection problems faster than traditional connectivity solutions.

“GNC realizes the importance of providing secure connectivity to its mobile employees. By deploying our Universal Policy Enforcement solution, GNC is able to deliver trusted mobility to its workforce and protect its corporate access in an increasingly unsafe environment,” said Joel Wachtler, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategy of iPass. “Our goal is to enable GNC’s IT managers to sleep better at night, knowing that they’ve effectively served all of their in-house ‘customers’.”

Based in Pittsburgh, GNC is the largest global specialty retailer of nutritional supplements, which includes vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements, sports nutrition products, diet and energy products, specialty supplements and products and supplements for low carb lifestyles. GNC has more than 5,000 retail locations throughout the United States, including over 1,200 domestic franchise locations and locations in 41 countries.

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