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FBI May Seek Legal Action Against Russian Hackers

US government under pressure to take action against cyberattackers believed to be part of Russian intelligence groups, say sources.

The FBI is debating how to legally implicate hackers behind the recent breaches on American political parties -- even as there is consensus among government agencies that two Russian intel groups - GRU and FSB - are behind the act, reports Reuters quoting US officials. They say it may be tough to create a strong legal case against the hackers without disclosing the evidence source, which is likely to be highly classified.

Lawmakers now want action from the government with the demand to probe whether Russia "is employing the tactics it has long used to influence elections in places like Ukraine and Georgia, this time in the United States." Public options could include tougher economic sanctions on Russia and the attackers, says security official Richard Clarke.

The hackings, says Reuters, have become frequent and the attackers audacious after Fancy Bear, a group tied to the Russian military, went public with its website after leaking data from the World Anti-Doping Association involving US athletes.

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