Cryptolex Unveils Mobio

Cryptolex Trust Systems launched Mobio, a new handheld authentication solution designed to replace all other access devices

OWINGS, Md. -- Cryptolex Trust Systems, a leading developer of identity and trust solutions to protect people, property and organizations, today launched Mobio, a new handheld authentication solution designed to replace all other access devices including passwords, access cards, tokens and PINs. Mobio’s proprietary technology combines the power of cryptography and security of portable biometrics to enable a high-security identity system for voice verification, information sharing and network and physical access control.

Recent online and offline security concerns have demonstrated that passwords, cards, tokens and single-factor authentication solutions alone cannot adequately address today’s growing need to more accurately verify identities to ensure both information and physical security. Yet, current strong authentication systems have posed interoperability and manageability challenges for organizations that have created complications for users and slowed widespread adoption.

Mobio is one universal ID designed to access all points in an organization creating simplicity, efficiency and security. What makes the Cryptolex system unique is its backend server-to-server integration that enables Mobio to be used concurrently for building/door access, network login, VPN, and web applications. While Mobio looks similar to an authentication token or fingerprint reader, it is based on a newly developed technology that leverages cryptography to create a strong backend trust solution that can be utilized within an organization or across legally separate entities.

“Identity verification is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations of all types as we increasingly rely on digital systems for everything from everyday transactions to military applications. While we know that password security is weak, many obstacles exist to widespread adoption of stronger authentication methods, ranging from privacy concerns for users to integration challenges for organizations,” said Clovis Najm, CEO and founder of Cryptolex Trust Systems. “Cryptolex was founded to address the complexities associated with strong authentication systems and we have created a new solution in Mobio and u.ID that not only offers the highest levels of security, but also greatly simplifies the process of identity verification for both users and administrators.”

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