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80% of Americans Admit to Risky Cybersecurity Behaviors

Nearly half of survey respondents use unsecured WiFi networks and a third open unsolicited email attachment, a report finds.

A majority of Americans acknowledge they engage in behavior that puts their cybersecurity at risk, a new report from Netsparker reveals.

Based on an online survey of 2,006 US adults, the 2017 Cybersecurity Survey finds 80% admit to risky cybersecurity practices that touch on a number of areas:

  • 40% use open, unsecured networks
  • 35% click on unfamiliar links on social media
  • 31% download third-party sourced files
  • 31% open unsolicited email attachments
  • 28% fail to install Web-based security software

Survey respondents' password protection practices are also lacking, the report finds. Thirty-four percent of respondents use the same password for all logins, while 58% admit to using fewer than four passwords for all of their online accounts.

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