RF Technologies Releases Safe Place Staff Protection for Healthcare Settings

RFT is expanding the Safe Place hospital market security system to include staff protection.

May 16, 2022

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BROOKFIELD, Wis., May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- RF Technologies (RFT) is pleased to announce the release of SAFE PLACE Staff Protection Solutions (https://www.rft.com/staff-protection/). RFT SAFE PLACE Staff Protection ensures staff security, and peace of mind, by making help available at the touch of a button.

RFT is expanding the SAFE PLACE hospital market security system to include staff protection. SAFE PLACE, used since 1993, now offers a solution creating a secure and productive work environment for staff protection from potential physical threats. The industry leading SAFE PLACE product line has protected patients for over 30 years in infant security, wander management, flight risk, and now staff protection.

Users can remain confident that the new SAFE PLACE Staff Protection Solution is proven and reliable, as it uses the same SAFE PLACE Enterprise software platform as other SAFE PLACE products. SAFE PLACE Staff Protection ensures staff security, and peace of mind, by making help available at the touch of a button. Staff Protection operates on a dedicated, dependable network consisted of a blend of hard wired and localized wireless infrastructure. The SAFE PLACE Staff Protection alert button is easily accessible with multiple wearable options to choose from including, keyring, lanyard, pendant clip, and watch.

SAFE PLACE Staff Protection uses cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The safety system is easily scalable to any healthcare setting and uses PoE or local USB power for the signal receiving gateways. Once activated, mobile panic alarms enable security to locate staff with detailed, real-time location tracking via security monitors. Proprietary software captures alert history and data to plan and predict alarms, track response times, analyze trends and produce quality reports.

Protect your healthcare staff from the threat of patient violence by using RF Technologies SAFE PLACE Staff Protection Solutions in your hospital. Staff will be reassured by the simple user interface that is designed by nurses, for nurses with integrated communication.

Once an alarm is activated, real-time location technology is enabled, with an alert notification, to track the staff under duress, even if they are on the move. The software allows security staff to know exactly where, on a map, they can find an employee and intervene before a situation escalates to violence.

During times of staff duress, give employees peace of mind, that with the push of a button, help is on the way.

For questions or inquiries, please contact the RFT marketing department at [email protected].

About RF Technologies: RFT is a turn-key manufacturer and provider of life safety solutions for the senior living, healthcare, education, and hospitality markets. With 10,000+ installations since their founding in 1987, RFT is a collaborative partner in designing custom-configured solutions that meet each
customer's needs and reduces their liabilities. The RFT family of solutions includes CODE ALERT call and wander management, SAFE PLACE patient security,
HELP ALERT® staff duress, SENSATEC® fall management products and EXACTRACK®
equipment location.

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