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Hackers Lure Cybersecurity Researchers With Fake LinkedIn Recruiter Profiles

Campaign demonstrates the DPRK-backed cyberattackers are gaining tools to avoid EDR tools.

North Korean advanced persistent threat (APT) group Lazarus (aka UNC290) has been targeting security researchers with a phishing campaign via LinkedIn since last June.

Mandiant reported that the phishing attacks started against a US-based tech company, and noted the threat actors were using three new code families — Touchmove, Sideshow, and Touchshift — in their activities.

Posing as recruiters on LinkedIn, the group works to earn a victim's trust, and it then convinces them engage on WhatsApp or by email, where they can send a malware dropper, Mandiant explained.

"Following the identification of this campaign, Mandiant responded to multiple UNC2970 intrusions targeting US and European media organizations through spear-phishing that used a job recruitment theme and demonstrated advancements in the groups ability to operate in cloud environments and against endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools," Mandiant said about the emerging phishing campaign.