InsightCyber Launches Platform to Provide Cyber Threat Management and Security to Global Critical Infrastructure

The InsightCyber Platform delivers continuous AI-monitoring of cyber-physical assets.

May 4, 2023

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today InsightCyber, an innovative cybersecurity solution provider, launched its signature offering, the InsightCyber Platform.

The InsightCyber Platform continuously updates and monitors, in real-time, a complete inventory of assets within an enterprise's environment, replacing businesses and institutions' need to rely on multiple legacy systems to create a 360º view.

Patent-pending AI (Artificial Intelligence) detects operational anomalies and non-characteristic behaviors across sources simultaneously, sending prioritized alerts and remediation recommendations to potential vulnerabilities and imminent technical breaches. This approach supersedes approaches based on rules, signatures, and public vulnerability databases that industries have been dependent on for years. Implementation of the InsightCyber does not require complex scripting or specialized skill sets.

With critical infrastructure industries', including commerce, energy, communications, transportation, healthcare, finance, education, compliance and supply chain, increased vulnerability to cyberthreats, InsightCyber's solution provides insight and protection of potential attack that could have catastrophic human and economic impact.

"The InsightCyber Platform empowers organizations to make informed decisions around resilience, threat severity and revenue. Our technology addresses an organizations' biggest security problem – proactively detecting and prioritizing potential attacks – so that cybersecurity talent can focus on remediating the most critical issues, instead of overwhelming them with too much information." said Francis Cianfrocca, Chief Executive Officer and Founder.

On behalf of beta customers, the InsightCyber Platform has:

  • Successfully pinpointed malware infections without known signatures that were undetected by other solutions

  • Characterized new tactics being employed by novel malwares

  • Identified rogue devices in networks assumed to be well protected

  • Detected a variety of previously undetected configuration errors and security-policy violations

In addition to Cianfrocca, a serial entrepreneur who has delivered several advanced cybersecurity software solutions to market, the InsightCyber leadership team includes:

  • Roland Cozzolino - Chief Operations Officer and Chief Technology Officer, a‥data science and‥AI‥expert, who has produced pioneering work in highly scalable security systems for industrial automation,

  • Curtis Blount - Chief Security Officer, a senior cybersecurity and risk management officer with experience across multiple industries,

  • Paula Moeller - Vice President of Sales, a value-driven sales leader with over 20 years of experience in Information Security.

To learn more about the InsightCyber Platform, please visit

About InsightCyber

InsightCyber protects critical infrastructure and enhance fiscal outcomes, by using artificial intelligence to identify insights within data, networks & systems, for companies & institutions and empowers them to make informed decisions around resilience, risk and revenue. The company's AI-driven platform continuously monitors an industrial enterprise's environment, providing insight and protection against a wide range of cyberthreats.

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