CertainSafe Releases Enhancements to its MicroTokenized File Sharing Service

New security and productivity features include time-based shredding, file-copying and file sharing enhancements

October 3, 2014

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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (SEPTEMBER 30, 2014) – CertainSafe, a global provider of highly secure file sharing solutions, today announced a number of productivity and security enhancements to its award-winning CertainSafe file sharing, storage and messaging service.

The CertainSafe advantage comes from its proprietary MicroEncryption technology that uses MicroTokenization to encrypt each file individually down to the byte level, something no other file sharing service can provide. It is the only file sharing service to offer PCI Level 1 DSS Certified data storage. CertainSafe users can store HIPAA, PCI, PFI, PHI, PII as well as other types of sensitive data that require compliance.

New CertainSafe enhancements include:

• Share multiple folders simultaneously with multiple individuals

• Simplified Contact Management

• Users can now copy files – not just “move” them from folder to folder

• The “Shredder” feature, which permanently deletes files, can now be set to a specific time or time frame

• User management and resource management dashboard enhancements allows sharing of management capabilities

• “My Contacts” Dashboard to enhance contact management capabilities

• Additional security enhancements


In addition, customers benefit because CertainSafe’s technology and servers are maintained in-house and not outsourced like many major cloud based vendors. The practice ensures unparalleled levels of security and reliability and all but prevents the mass data breaches that make headlines almost daily.

Other unique security features of CertainSafe include a multi-layered login process that uses a personal picture and a personal phrase that are delivered from different servers. A challenge question follows the personal image to provide maximum login security.

“A data breach can be devastating with serious financial and legal consequences for individuals, organizations, governments and even celebrities,” said Steven R. Russo, Executive Vice President for Secure Cloud Systems, parent company of CertainSafe. “CertainSafe’s proprietary technology is the most secure method for sharing and storing data. It’s essential for any individual, small business or enterprise that needs to ensure maximum security of their data.”

CertainSafe has won numerous accolades, including PCMag’s coveted Editors’ Choice Award, as well as an International Business Award.

“CertainSafe is a great solution for businesses of any size, and the fact that it's certified for compliance with HIPAA and other standards

can be a huge plus if your business is subject to those regulations. I'm impressed with the security possibilities of MicroEncrypt technology,

and with the product's ease of use,” writes Neil J. Rubenking of PCMag.

CertainSafe is “cloud-based”, with nothing to install. Plans start from just $8.77 per month. Start your risk-free trial today at



About CertainSafe

CertainSafe's mission is to make the world safer, one byte at a time. Through their proprietary MicroTokenization® technology, file sharing

and data storage is made secure from breaches. CertainSafe's PCI Level 1 DSS Certification separates them from all others in the file sharing and collaboration marketplace and means all CertainSafe users can store HIPAA, PCI, PFI, PHI, PII as well as other types of sensitive data

requiring compliance. Don't trust your data to any other file sharing service. CertainSafe provides a 100% money back guarantee. Visit us at




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