AutoRABIT Accelerates Release Management Processes with Automation and Key Integrations

Improving the flow of clean, safe code with heightened visibility and automation.

October 18, 2022

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 10/18/2022 — AutoRABIT announces a new update to its Salesforce DevSecOps platform that includes strategic integrations with major communication applications Slack and Microsoft Teams, new automation functionality, and seamless operation with Salesforce’s newest update API version 56.

The expanded functionality also includes opening the 600+ rules of CodeScan — AutoRABIT’s static code analysis solution—to Salesforce DX users, bringing best-in-class code security to a new group of Salesforce power users.

“We’re excited to further expand our suite of solutions to continue to meet the needs of our partners and customers. These updates to our release management processes will continue to help organizations save time and money during a time where both are needed,” said Prashanth Samudrala, VP of Products at AutoRABIT.

AutoRABIT Automated Release Management (ARM) now offers auto-approval for quality gates which moves DevOps teams closer to true Continuous Delivery (CD) by setting quality parameters and automating approvals, reducing manual processes across the development lifecycle. DevOps teams can also leverage a new auto-merge capability to keep development branches in sync — in real time — without having to tend to them individually.

AutoRABIT’s new update also expands upon the already extensive reporting capabilities of their ARM solution to deliver scheduled and automated reports so users can track success metrics on a pre-defined timeline.

Enhanced integrations with communication applications Slack and Microsoft Teams ensure asynchronous, organization-wide visibility into every development milestone. A dedicated channel is created which automatically updates the team when a change, issue, or success occurs within the development pipeline. AutoRABIT ARM also integrates with Hashicorp Vault for management and protection of sensitive data.

AutoRABIT’s newest update covers the entirety of their DevSecOps suite including CodeScan Shield, ARM, and Vault Data Backup & Recovery. These new features work together to create greater security, seamless flow of data, and accountability across Salesforce development teams.

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