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Apple Patches Bluetooth Flaw in AirPods, Beats

Users can check for the updated firmware version of their wireless headphones in the Bluetooth settings of their iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices.

Apple recently issued firmware updates for its AirPods and Beats that fixes a vulnerability in which attackers could gain access to users' headphones via a Bluetooth connection.

Described as an authentication issue, the flaw was reported by Yun-hao Chung and Archie Pusaka at Google ChromeOS, and it's tracked as CVW-2023-27864. The firmware updates were released on April 11 and May 2 and are available for both the AirPod Pro and AirPod Max models as well as Powerbeats Pro and Beats Fit Pro.

"When your headphones are seeking a connection request to one of your previously paired devices, an attacker in Bluetooth range might be able to spoof the intended source device and gain access to your headphones," Apple stated in its security update.

While users' AirPods or Beats are charging in Bluetooth range of their Apple devices, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, their devices will automatically update.

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