7 Breaches & Hacks That Throw Shade on Biometric Security

Stolen fingerprints, fake hands, voice synthetization, and other nefarious techniques show biometrics has plenty of challenges.
Biostar2 Compromise Exposes 1M Fingerprints
OPM Breach Compromised 5.6M Fingerprints
Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Scanner Hack
US Customs and Border Patrol Facial Recognition Image Breach
Using a Fake Hand To Game Palm-Vein Biometrics
Genesis Store Discovered With Tens of Thousands of Stolen Digital Fingerprints
Voice Synthetization Can Crack Voice Authentication

With the rise of credential stuffing and account takeovers keeping security professionals up at night, many pundits believe that biometric authentication is their answer.

But as any security veteran will tell you, there's never a simple solution. While biometrics do offer a stronger form of authentication than usernames and passwords, they come with their own risks. Several recent breaches and hacks by researchers exemplify the cracks that can show at the seams of any security model that relies too heavily on biometrics.

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