10 Time-Consuming Tasks Security People Hate

Whether it is dealing with false positives, reporting to auditors, or patching software, here's the scut work security people dread.
CISOs' Most Hated Task
SOC Analysts' Most Hated Task
Incident Responders' Most Hated Task
Penetration Testers' Most Hated Task
Security Engineers' Most Hated Task
Security Administrators' Most Hated Task
Malware Analysts'/Security Researchers' Most Hated Task
AppSec Engineers' Most Hated Task
Network Forensics Experts' Most Hated Task
Everyone's Most Hated Task

No matter how much you love your job, there's a reason it is called work. For security professionals there are a lot of necessary duties that are as time-consuming as they are thankless, but nevertheless, are part of the work.

We polled some security experts to get their thoughts on the most dreaded tasks and organized them by the roles most expected to shoulder them.


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