10 Cool Security Tools Open-Sourced By The Internet's Biggest Innovators

Google, Facebook, Netflix, and others have all offered up tools they've developed in-house to the community at large.
Just released by Facebook, OSquery offers security pros low-level operating system using a system that represents operating s
A real-time anomaly detection system similar to Nagios, Skyline was built out by the engineering team at Etsy. The tool was d
Developed through collaboration between the Etsy and Facebook security teams, MIDAS is a lightweight and scalable intrusion d
Twitter shares the love with the web developers concerned about security with its SecureHeaders project, which offers up a Ru
Google Rapid Response (GRR) is an incident response framework developed by the web giant to help it with remote live forensic
Introduced together this summer, this pair of web apps was designed by Netflix to help its security team keep tabs on securit
A set of simple Java APIs for Android, Conceal offers a fast and memory efficient way to institute encryption and authenticat
Another Google tool introduced just last week, Randomized Aggregatable Privacy-Preserving Ordinal Response (RAPPOR) is a priv
Developed by the team at AOL, Moloch is a network forensic tool designed to analyze traffic. It offers large-scale IPv4 packe

As today's Internet giants break the barrier for speed and scale of development of systems, their teams are increasingly tasked with building home-brewed security systems that can help them develop and manage their systems securely without missing a beat. In the end, the entire security community is benefitting from a lot of these investments, as many of these firms make these tools available through open-source projects. Over the past few years, some very useful tools have come from the security and engineering teams at Facebook, Twitter, Google, Netflix, Etsy, and even AOL.

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